Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bainimarama and FijiFirst Continues to Flout Own Constitution with Impunity

Flouting of the Law and their very own unilaterally imposed 2013 Constitution has become the hallmark of the Bainimarama FijiFirst Government. The megalomaniac Attorney General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, blatantly ignores such an outrage and continues to ignore his oath to uphold the law as the chief legal advisor of the state!

Below are just two instances of blatant law breaking by the Bainimarama FijiFirst government:

Facebook post:

"THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE and the FICAC are both required to INVESTIGATE Accomplices to a criminal case whereby the AG, Kaiyum, Legal Advisor to the PM, the PM himself who should be more familiar with his 2013 Constitution and the Speaker who should not allow the MP Reddy to be Chairman and Chancellor of the FNU after he was sworn in as Member of Parliament and later a Cabinet Minister.

Our Constitution 63 (1) (b)"the seat of the Member of Parliament becomes vacant if the Member with the members consent, becomes the holder of the public office as defined in Section 57(9)(a) Public office means any office in, or as a member of, a statutory authority, a commission, or a board established by or continued in existence by this Constitution or any written law.

Hon Reddy was sworn in as Member of Parliament in October 2014, however, he was Acting Chairman of FNU, a statutory body in December 2014. The Constitution states that a person is deemed to have vacated his seat in Parliament if he continues to hold a public office after he has been elected.


As recently as the Budget debate on Monday, the Opposition pointed out the flouting of the Constitutional requirement to regularise any over expenditure given the budgeted amount! Like in other Westminster type governments, the Budget is in fact a piece of legislation once approved by the Parliament, so any variance would need regularising, especially if also required under the Constitution. Yet see below how this has just been ignored, confirming the naked arrogance of the FijiFirst government!

Hon Aseri Radrodro MP

Hon Aseri Radrordo Budget Response:

".....Compared to the 2016/17 budget whose total expenditure was F$3.6 billion, this is an increase of F$800 million.

The total operating expenditure increase from F$2.138 billion to F$2.515 billion in 2017/18 budget, an increase of F$377 million.
Madam Speaker the 2015/16 budget estimate was $2.8 Billion whilst actual spending was $3.2 Billion.
This is an over expenditure of around F$400 million.
Madam Speaker the fiscal year for government changed in mid-2016.
I don’t recall the Minister of the Economy regularising his over expenditure in this house as required under the 2013 Constitution...."

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