Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Yet Another Shoddy Work by Chinese Contractors - Oilei Navua Hospital!

Sai Comments:

- Another FijiFirst government infrastructure project by Chinese contractors, yet with the same shoddy result! When will the Bainimarama regime learn? But I guess it will be tough, when the projects are funded by the Chinese themselves and for a near bankrupt regime, anything goes if funding is provided!
- No wonder, many are now calling for the return of the PWD, as it did provided service at affordable price for government and mostly within time.
-  Any attempt to clamp down on the contractors will never achieve any change given who has control of the funding - the Chinese! Just goes to prove how hamstrung and ineffective the FijiFirst government has been to reign in blowouts and shoddy work on major infrastructure projects when they are beholden to those who fund it!
- Bainimarama and Khaiyum may well like to project themselves as Government tough guys when they exercise power against their fellow citizens but they are cowering lillyputians when faced with outside regimes!

MP queries follow-up on hospital
Nasik Swami
FIJi TIMES - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
NATIONAL Federation Party (NFP) leader Professor Biman Prasad yesterday questioned Health Minister Rosy Akbar on whether she would look at reviewing the "shoddy work" done by Chinese contractors at the new Navua Hospital which lack basic facilities such as kitchen.
Prof Prasad asked Ms Akbar whether the respective Fijian ministries supervised the whole construction and whether it met the standard requirements of any hospital in the country.
In response, Ms Akbar said her office was meeting the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Economy, the Chinese Government and the construction company to see how to progress.
Ms Akbar outlined there was no timeframe as to when the refurbishment of the hospital kitchen would be complete.
"That (no kitchen at new hospital) is not disrupting our services in terms of catering for our patients.
"The catering services are still being done from the old Navua hospital and we are progressing with works because this project was funded under the aid project of the Chinese Government."

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