Friday, February 03, 2017

Rabuka Nomination to Constitutional Offices Commission A Positive Move

Sai Comment:

- Having Rabuka fronting Bainimarama and Khaiyum during the proceedings of the Constitutional Offices Commission has to be a positive! He is better placed than others not to be intimidated by the two FijiFirst leaders as they often do, to bully and threaten their way, in order to get what they want. It should by now be clear to all, that it has all been a sham parliamentary democracy ushered in at the 2014 General Election. Everything since has been a pretense as both Bainimarama and Khaiyum have used their parliamentary majority to bulldoze their programme of radical reforms on the people of Fiji. Having Rabuka fronting the two and staring them down would at least  remind them that not everyone in Fiji can be intimidated and that eventually people do tire of dictators and those who force themselves on the people. If anything, we need more of the likes of Rabuka to start challenging the two directly and reminding them of how they came to impose their draconian rule with the plethora of unwelcome decrees, regulations and restrictions on the freedom and rights of the people of Fiji!

How to be a Dictator : The Bainimarama Dictatorship in Fiji

Ro Teimumu: Rabuka's nomination a party decision

OPPOSITION Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa says her nominee to the Constitutional Offices Commission was subsequently made after the nomination of Sitiveni Rabuka by the SODELPA caucus.
Ro Teimumu said proper procedures were followed in nominating Mr Rabuka.
She said Mr Rabuka was the rightful person to be nominated as he was appointed the party leader through a democratic nomination.
"His presence in the leadership of the party was through a democratic nomination and appointment by the management board so he is the party leader. His nomination to the commission is through processes where you nominate somebody which we did the last time by nominating lawyer Richard Naidu," she said.
Ro Teimumu said some other names were also brought up for nomination which she did not wish to release.
Mr Rabuka was nominated by Ro Teimumu last week. She said she was yet to receive a confirmation on Mr Rabuka's nomination from the secretariat.

How to be a Dictator : The Bainimarama Dictatorship in Fiji

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