Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Fiji Constitutional Offices Commission just a Rubber Stamp!

Sai Comments:

- Who can blame the Opposition Leader for not attending the trumped up meetings of the Commission? No wonder she and her nominee have refused to be made a fool of by Bainiaramara and his cronies! Like all other State bodies, Bainimarama and Khaiyum hve merely pretended they operate fairly and observing due process when it comes to matters of making key State appointments. Yet we all know it is all a jack up as nominations are all but sewn up well before the Commission gets to consider them, let alone allowing the Opposition the opportunity to make nominations!
- It is all a farce just like the Fiji Parliament where the FijiFirst regime uses its majority to ram through its legislation programme with no opportunity for considered input from the Opposition or the public!
- What is worse, is the role of the Head of State in silently approving the nominations knowing full well they are jacked up! Then again, the President is but a nominee of the Bainimarama regime as one of its former Ministers and is beholden to him for his job, a result of the imposed 2013 Fiji Constitution! Again an incestuous and political cesspit that Bainimarama and his government have manufactured all in the pretense of providing a normal State governance arrangement! 
- Yet we all know better and can see through it all. The sooner they are removed from power the sooner sanity and real democracy will return to Fiji.

Parliament debates commission's work

Nasik Swami
FIJI TIMES - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
THE Government's silence on the work of the Constitutional Offices Commission dominated the opening debate of the 2017 sitting of the Fijian Parliament yesterday.
Prime Minister and commission chairman Voreqe Bainimarama was questioned by Opposition MP Semesa Karavaki on why there had been no regular updates and advice from the commission relating to its functions and responsibilities.
In his response, Mr Bainimarama rejected the claims made by the Opposition and clearly outlined the commission had been doing its work as mandated in the Constitution.
He said the Opposition was not updated on the work of the commission because its leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa had not attended any meeting of the commission since May 2015.
"It is most disappointing to note the Leader of the Opposition has failed to attend any meeting of the commission since May 2015 and as such, failed to contribute to the deliberations of the commission and to perform on the important duties of the commission as mandated by the Constitution," Mr Bainimarama said.
He also told Parliament that Ro Teimumu's nominee resigned in November 2015 and it was not until last week that she submitted another nominee for appointment to the commission. He said if Ro Teimumu had attended numerous meetings of the commission or had promptly nominated another person to the commission, the Opposition could have got an update.
"The commission has always provided updates to all Fijians through prompt media statements on the appointments made by the President on the advice of the commission to every single one of the these Constitutional offices."
Ro Teimumu said she had not attended any meeting as stated by Mr Bainimarama because there was no democracy in the way the commission operated.
She claimed the Opposition had no say in the appointments and everything was just a rubber stamp.
Ro Teimumu said she would only consider returning to the commission if it functioned in a democratic manner.

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