Wednesday, January 20, 2016


In the Chinese horoscope, 2016 is the year of the monkey! 

Given the Bainimarama government's obsession with forging close ties with China, let's check out what it portends for Fiji in 2016!

As indigenous Fijians in our own country, are we to be abused and further trashed by the monkey antics of Aiyaz Khaiyum in the Fiji Parliament? Will the soothing comfort and endorsement of the Chinese astrology give further licence to the likes of Khaiyum and Bainimarama to again play havoc with the lives and prospects of the people of Fiji as they’ve been doing since 2006?

Let us examine the Monkey personality for clues!

“..the Monkey is very intelligent, hyperactive and strong-minded. He represents the unfettered mind freed from inhibitions and guilt. Relieving himself from the heavy burdens of a touchy conscience, the Monkey type will not hesitate to test his theories, experiment and think the unthinkable.

In the above personality trait, I place the two men at the centre of Fiji’s political and economic quagmire; Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Bainimarama though far from intelligent, is hyperactive and strong-minded whose mind is totally focused on staying in power in order to stay out of prison!

Monkey Khaiyum acting his personality trait
Khaiyum, on the otherhand, regards his illegal stint in government as all about testing his theory – the demise of the Fijian race via his Master’s thesis “Sunset Clause”. To him, government is about toying and experimenting with peoples’ lives and a grand game to implement his visceral hatred of the Fijian race!

Both men are devoid of conscience in prosecuting their agenda and reeking revenge on opponents at the slightest of provocation.

Perhaps the shadow side to the personality trait bears closer resemblance to the truth!

“..problem solving tendencies can turn the Monkey to being a tricky tactician, opportunistic and not all that trustworthy.”

The above neatly captures the personality of the two men. Khaiyum as the pre-eminent trickster and opportunist, dreaming up creative ways to stay out of the clutches of the law and now in finance, mastering the art of creative accounting and wasteful economics. After all, where is the economic return when $180m gets pumped annually into an entity, the military, that contributes zilch to the economy. Then take into account the regressive long term effects of the ongoing call on government expenditure by the military at the expense of other deserving areas that actually contribute to economic growth.

Both are master opportunists who have exploited all conceivable avenues of links with nations Fiji had no historical or even cultural links with. To Bainimarama and Khaiyum, if those links can provide much needed cash for infrastructure projects in rural Fiji to ensure a ready supply of opening ceremonies, or arms and ammunition to bolster their plans for longevity in power, then they are all for the national good!

Bainimarama and Khaiyum are men whose words don’t mean much and history has proved this. They are only faithful to themselves and their goals in government. Honour and integrity is a rare commodity in the FijiFirst government and is to be expected as its source is constantly in drought.

So how has 2016 began in Fiji for clues for the year?

Two examples are worth noting.
Another bribe to the people of Vanua Levu by Bainimarama

Bainimarama’s recent trip to the North was all about political campaigning for the 2018 Elections. Having unilaterally reduced the parliament sitting days to only 20 days in 2016, he can be expected to be either overseas or among the masses handing out freebies and opening buildings, roads, bridges etc.. For him, these are not to be missed opportunities to bribe citizens for their votes. Regular overseas jaunts to have pictures taken with foreign leaders are no doubt aimed at boosting his image on the international stage, never mind the dire situation locally!

Containers of arms and ammunition on way to Suva military camp

The arrival of the Russian ship carrying container loads of arms and ammunition is a reminder to all that the military will have the means to annihilate any opposition to the ruling FijiFirst government. The absence in the current Fiji military of any loyalty to their sworn oath, propped up by their elevated role in the 2013 Constitution, confirms they are law to themselves and not subject to civilian oversight. What oversight there is at the moment is all pretense and meaningless! Just ask the Police, now headed by a military thug, on the troubles they had trying to prosecute military personnel?

Who wins then in the Monkey game?

Bainimarama and Khaiyum may well regard themselves as top Monkeys who can outsmart everyone else. What they must not forget is there are also monkey personalities in the opposition, in fact far smarter than them and much more grounded with honour and integrity. People are equally opportunistic and after 9 years under a repressive regime, they have learnt to exploit any opportunity by government for handouts, infrastructure and development. Fijians will smile and turn on the ceremonies for Bainimarama, and then curse him for all the ills they have encountered since his 2006 coup!

It is my hope that in the Year of the Monkey 2016 will see a much more agile opposition to stand up to the FijiFirst juggernaut. By engaging with the people and keeping true to the values Fijians have prided themselves in for many years and across various governments, a new dawn will emerge. One that values human decency and respect for freedom and the right for citizens to openly challenge the government of the day knowing they will not be subject to intimidation and harassment. Sadly for Fiji, this is a reality that is far from being the case and does not even seem to be achievable in the term of the current government. If any consolation, the closing forecast may hold a more welcome statement!

The Year of the Monkey 2016 is a good year to break free and take calculated risks as there is nothing more powerful or rewarding than following your heart’s desire. The energies are supporting these changes.”

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