Monday, July 13, 2009

The Undoing of the Illegal Interim Government

Tui Savu, Townsville, Australia

A cardinal rule of cross-examination, which the IG Advisors incorrectly applied, is ‘never ask a question you don’t know the answer to’, but it is too late now.

The High Court has ruled that FICAC has no locus standi to instigate criminal prosecutions in Fiji.

The High Court has also previously ruled against the IG; such as the reinstating of Fijian Teachers Union President Maika Namudu and the revoking of the unilateral decision to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 55, which are ominous signs for the IG.

However, the attitude of Bainimarama and his cronies since the coup reveals their utter disrespect for due process and the rule of law through their selective termination of CEO’s and other high profile Fijian executives and the various frivolous investigations against innocent Fiji citizens.

After some 8 months there is still no irrefutable evidence of endemic corruption implicating Qarase and his SDL Party as alleged, it is becoming very similar to Iraq with no WMD and the IG now desires to prolong the elections for at least another 5 years to defer the inevitable.

This brings me to the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind whether Bainimarama and his cronies’ are going to accept the High Court’s decision should it rule against the Presidential immunity and declare it unconstitutional and invalid and the December coup as illegal and unlawful?

Judging on the indifferent behaviour of Bainimarama and his cronies since the December coup and more recently the callous joke of General Elections to be held on 13/05/2009, it is not too difficult to foresee Bainimarama rejecting the High Court rulings and abrogating the 1997 Constitution.
Should these unfortunate state affairs transpire, it only confirms what many already knew, that is Bainimarama and his cronies executed this coup to prevent criminal charges against him and others and to remove Qarase.

One undetected fact now becoming more apparent is Bainimarama and his cronies fatally misread the Fijian mindset by believing that having the support of certain prominent chiefly families guaranteed the loyally of the majority of the Fijians.

However, what they didn’t envisage was the majority of the Fijians acting independently, embraced democracy and the rule of law and rejecting the coup despite the support of these prominent chiefly families.

Another unforseen phenomena are the uprising of young, professional Fijians vehemently opposing Bainimarama and his coup.

The ever-growing list of blog sites and u-tube sites reveals young professional Fijians who are now using their intellect, expertise, hearts and minds to rationally and logically justify their stance against the coup.

The majority of the Fijians to their credit were more discerning during this coup; however it was the Indians who became gullible.

It is my belief that history will look back at this period and despite what Bainimarama and his cronies inflicted upon the Fijian community, it will show it as the period of the rekindling of the taukei spirit and when the Fijians awoke from their slumber and become active and constructive participants in their national affairs.

In summary, despite all the illegal and injustice innocent citizens of Fiji have endured from this illegal regime, the unforseen phenomena the coup inadvertently unleased have sealed their fate.

Tui Savu,
Townsville. AUSTRALIA.

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