Saturday, June 13, 2015

Prosecute and Jail the Treasonists to Prevent Coups in Fiji

Sai's Comments:

Teleni and his lot are simply missing the point and must be speaking through their heads! 

The way to prevent coups is to Devalue its Worth so it is not seen as a badge of honour by those who carry it out and those who aspire to it.

Coups in Fiji have sadly become a solution for some badly led and greedy soldiers to resolve their personal problems and advance bloated political ambitions. Even worse, when those who carry it out get rewarded for it and indeed have then gone on to secure by crook a type of legal mandate to legitimise their treasonous actions. 

So Teleni; you and your lot, need to be pontificating about your National Security and Defence Strategy from prison for your involvement in the 2006 Coup! You are No Different to George Speight and others who carried out the 2000 coup other than that they failed!

Unless all those involved in perpetrating the coup of 2006 are prosecuted and jailed, coups will still be regarded as an attractive option to advance selfish and treasonous ambitions.

Then and only then can future coups be prevented. To say or act otherwise is living and thriving in Cloud Cuckoo Land"

Defence strategy to prevent future coups - Teleni
By Semi Turaga
Friday 12/06/2015

Chairman of the National Security and Defence Review committee Esala Teleni
Fiji’s National Security and Defence Strategy will ensure that another coup will not happen.
Chairman of the National Security and Defence Review committee Esala Teleni says if Fiji does not have a solid, sound and effective security system in place we will always go back to the past.
While speaking at a consultation with representatives from different government ministries, Teleni says it is important that we have a workable and responsive security system that will be able to deal with both internal and external threats.
He says we had a political system that influenced the security culture of our country.
He adds that when the political system changes, the security perception of people change.
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Fiji has taken the step to develop its security system ahead of New Zealand who according to Teleni have not yet formulated one.
Teleni says the National Security and Defence Strategy will also coincide with the formulation of the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces, Fiji Police Force, Immigration and Intelligence White papers.
He says the RFMF white paper has a defence policy statement by the government.
This outlines some of the issues they will need to address and also their focus because of their expanding roles.
The Fiji Police Force policy statement outlines that they should move away from being only crime focused and to also being people focused.
Consultations on the Review of our National Security and Defence Strategy began in February this year.
The final draft report will be presented to government in August this year.

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