Sunday, November 03, 2013

Military Thugs Takeover of Fiji Rugby Scare Off Sponsors

THIS IN FROM A FRIEND ON MOSES TIKOITOGA TAKING OVER FRU: BTW all commercial sponsors have abandoned FRU since he took over. 
They have no commercial sponsors, only Digicel but that is a residual and not a new contract. 
 All vehicles have been taken back by Asco Motors. 
Used army resources and facilities before the disastrous European tour as no one could pay and had to ask a Chinese businessman in Valelevu to pay for the players' allowances. 
Please note when he puts army guys in charge of management and or coaching, the team dies. 
Why does he still have Vilikesa Rinavuaka as Operations Manager given that Vilikesa killed his own son driving the FRU twin cab under the influence and crashed it. 
Please plead with NZ not to allow Dere in as coach for the much touted Wellington 7s. USA and UK should also ban him. 
Now all top management team of Flying Fijians are military, Semi Rogoyawa, Rokoura and Male as well as Dere for the 7s. The Flying Fijians are truly f ……d.
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