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2000 RFMF BoI Report & Fiji's Dictator Bainimarama Exposed

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Bainimarama Shuts Down Witnesses Who Could Incriminate Him

On 29 January 2006 George Speight and his associates indicated their willingness to face a government proposed Reconciliation and Unity Commission. They were willing to tell everything they knew about the planning, financing, and execution of the 2000 coup.  But Bainimarama objected to the establishment of the Commission.  The proposed Reconciliation and Unity Commission didn’t eventuate and Bainimarama continues to vigorously object to any and all attempts for a public inquiry.  

The closest Fiji has come to a public inquiry was the Fiji Military Forces Board of Inquiry led by 
Lt. Colonel Jackson Evans. 

Planned Arrest of Bainimarama and 2006 Coup

The police investigation into Frank Bainimarama goes back all the way to Bainimarama’s involvement in the 2000 coup, where he betrayed his Commander in Chief, the Government of the day, the RFMF, the Counter Revolutionary Warfare unit (CRW), the people of Fiji and above all he betrayed his fellow coup conspirators.  The key players in the 2000 Coup were safely locked away in Naboro prison unable to reveal what they know about Bainimarama. Others are dead. 

Meanwhile, the police investigations were continuing in the background. In November 2006, the Fiji police, working with their New Zealand counterparts, organized to arrest Bainimarama while he was in New Zealand. However, this operation was cancelled. Bainimarama was made aware of this fact and that his arrest was imminent. 

Bainimarama returned to Fiji and staged the coup on 6 December 2006.

Police Charges 

In November 2006, the police charges against RFMF Commander Frank Bainimarama included:

    1. Disobedience of a lawful order by the Minister of Home Affairs, the Prime Ministers office and the Office of the President
    2. Sedition in threatening the Minister of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office
    3. Treason in plotting to overthrow the government 
    4. Unlawfully obtaining approval from his Excellency the President to abort the commission of inquiry against Bainimarama, Commander Fiji Military Forces
    5. Illegal removal of the President of Fiji in 2000
    6. Murder of CRW soldiers in 2000
    7. Abuse of office.

    RFMF Board of Inquiry Report:

    All you need to know about the motivations for the 2000 and 2006 coup de tat in Fiji with one common denominator - Bainimarama, now PM of Fiji...

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