Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ratu Naiqama case = Fait Accompli = Dangerous Precedent

Any move to sanction the utterances of an MP spoken outside of Parliament, is tantamount to gagging free speech!
But will that make an iota of difference to an FFP government that is drunk on power and vindictive intentions? Don't think so and Fiji is now on another crest of an even more dangerous trajectory as democracy gets sacrificed by sheer weight of numbers in the guise of parliamentary rule.
Even worse and therefore dangerous, when an officer of parliament, not her party, the Speaker, is fuelling that slide with her monumental blunders and incompetence as a neutral arbiter.
To extend the scope and coverage of parliamentary standing orders to outside its precincts is dumb and counterproductive. It invites those with vindictive intentions to eavesdrop and report on conversations and discussions held freely and frankly with MPs and vice versa.
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With her initial ruling to even accept the referral motion, the Speaker has opened herself and parliament for ridicule and open castigation, and rightfully so! It just beggars belief from a common sense standpoint! Because by extension, the result of a ruling to sanction, will give rise to stupid and blatantly unjust results.
All eyes will be on the Speaker to pull the Fiji Parliament back from the brink of absurdity and ridicule. Forget about the personal impact on her of any loss of prestige. Parliament is not HER! It is for the People. And those in it are their voice and consciences. Trifle with it in your attempt to protect your personal prestige and you will go down in history as the one who placed self above the people.
Surely, you wouldn't want that nagging on your conscience in the days and years to come!

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