Monday, May 18, 2015

Fiji Parliament Standing Orders A Joke!

Pray someone tell me how on earth something uttered outside of parliament in Fiji can ever be adjudged to contravene the standing orders? Even granted that those standing orders were written by the party running government without any contribution from other political parties!

Even worsen when it is public knowledge in Fiji and on YouTube that Bainimarama, the PM himself, can be heard threatening to throw a bottle at an Opposition MP INSIDE the Parliament. Further, there is the recorded instant of Bainimarama swearing at an elderly priest for criticising his proposal to unilaterally change the Fiji flag!

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Referring Ratu Naiqama to the Privileges Committee of parliament is an abuse of power and process. What mandate is there for it is the first question. Then there is the context in which the alleged utterances were made. What if any, are the precedents applying? The glaring unfairness let alone vindictive nature of the case is truly alarming.

In any case, it is clear the Bainimarama government is now bloated with its own self importance by virtue of its majority in parliament. Its dictatorial hold on power is such it thinks it can apply its own rules to target political opponents.

However, they need to tread very carefully over this incident as repercussions may well be more than they anticipate. The pent up anger and derision against Bainimarama, and Khaiyum in particular, can easily escalate out of control.

After all there is a distinct difference between brutalising the innocent and defenseless and targeting those that carry their hopes and aspirations to free them from the tyranny they've been under for over 8 years!

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