Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bainimarama Slaps Photographer at Fiji Day Event

by Coup 4.5

Prime minister by title but thug by nature.

A second citizen has been attacked by Frank Bainimarama - a photographer who was slapped across the face after being ordered to stop taking pictures.

The incident happened on Friday evening at Government House during the Fiji Day cocktails and was witnessed by at least two people.

Witnesses say the newly-elected Fiji First leader slapped the photographer, who is believed to work for the Ministry of Information, and swore at him because he didn't wanted pictures taken of him and his family.

The incident occurred at about 11.30pm.

The 2006 coup leader also ordered SODELPA youth who were at the event to leave.

Bainimarama told them: "Raica dou kua tiko ni veitaba, dou vinakata meu cemuri kemudou ike" meaning "Look, don't take photos or I will chase you out of here."

Witnesses say while Bainimarama smacked a photographer for taking pictures, the family happily took snaps of themselves.

Government House staff reportedly did nothing about Bainimarama's attack on the photographer or him ordering youth out from the event.

Just over a week ago, a 60 year old composer was beaten by 
Bilitaki: Beaten after argument with Bainimarama

soldiers after he reportedly sent an angry text to Bainimarama over Fiji First using his songs for the election campaign without his permission.

Josefa Bilitaki says he required hospital treatment after the beating, which came just hours after he was told by Bainimarama to "fuck off."
While Bainimarama didn't do the beating himself, the order can only have come from him.

Police Commissioner Ben Groenwald originally tried to 

dismiss the case but has since said it appears certain processes were not carried out according to the law and an internal investigation is underway.

He says 'a combined team of police and military people' were involved ' but the investigation will indicate, if there was an assault, who was responsible for the assault.'

"Any person whether it's a policeman or a military person, if he or she commits a crime, they will face the law."

The Bainimarama attack on the citizen at Government House comes as President Epeli Nailatikau waxed lyric about the new Fiji, appealing to people to be patriotric and hopeful about the future.

"On this Fiji Day, let us all dedicate ourselves to our new democracy and join hands to make it work. We owe it to ourselves, to history and to generations to come, to finally achieve our potential as a nation. 

"To make Fiji great. On Fiji Day 2014, may God bless us all in our efforts to become a better nation. May God bless Fiji."

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