Wednesday, October 15, 2014

217% Pay Increase for Bainimarama & 197% for Khaiyum in Fiji's New Equal Citizenry!

Fiji Opposition Leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa has criticised the monumental pay increases for Fiji's two principal political leaders in the ruling FijiFirst Party now in government.

PM Bainimarama has had a 217% increase in his pay to that revealed back in July while his mate and Attorney General, Khaiyum, had his pay raised by 197%!

Ro Teimumu pointed out that in the President's speech to the opening of the new parliament, Fiji's National Minimum Wage, is to be raised only by 16% by next July to $2.32/hour!

The hefty pay increases across other Ministers saw 153% increases for selected Ministers, 134% increase for other Ministers and 63% for Assistant Ministers.

All the above increases were stealthily set by decree before the new parliament sat for the first time and indicates the ongoing underhand approach in how it goes about unilaterally determining conditions of pay and remunerations, even for elected parliamentarians.

Sadly, in Bainimarama and Khaiyum's Equal Citizenry Fiji, such enormous disparity and inequalities will now have to be expected! And it is basically a continuation of what has been occurring since their illegal take over of a democratically elected government in December 2006.

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