Thursday, September 25, 2014

Being Civil and Polite Not in Bainimarama's DNA!

Bainimarama is not capable of changing! His political DNA is bereft of the ability to engage in a courteous and polite conversation, let alone debate. Love to be in a debate to regularly bait him to use unparliamentary language that gets him tossed out of the debating chamber!!

Saw abit of that in Auckland as he got flustered and rattled by hecklers, as he would be by interjectors in parliament!! His face got taut and nostrils flared as he struggled to string together sentences that made sense! As a habit, he falls back to his normal and nasty self with name calling and use of rude words.

I very much doubt that will change! Much more likely, he will absent himself regularly from the debating chamber to avoid being made a laughing stock by much more able debaters!! How much I look forward to such a moment!!

Fiji opposition leader responds to 'liar' claims

The leader of Fiji's Sodelpa party Ro Teimumu Kepa says there is no substantive evidence to back up the Prime Minister's claim the opposition is a group of liars.
Frank Bainimarama says being in parliament will be no big deal and it would mean meeting up with the same group of liars he met on the campaign trail.
Ro Teimumu, who is to lead the opposition in parliament, says there have been similar labels in the past which have not been established in the courts and it is time to stop branding people.
"You know hopefully, he will get on with the business of governing the country and remove himself from the ... what we call in Fiji ... verandah kind of language and see that his role as Prime Minister is one that they look up to and they see him as an example to the people in the country."
Ro Teimumu says all the Prime Minister has to do is take the matter to the police and it will be taken on from there.
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