Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Talent Deficit Syndrome:The Story of FijiFirst Party

Even before full campaigning starts, one thing is getting clearer each day; how Fiji has been lumped with a bunch of lackluster people in government with Dictator Bainimarama who lack talent when compared to the candidates of parties now announced to stand in the 17 September Election. 

Pound for pound on intellect, intelligence and common touch, Bainimarama and his lot have absolutely no match. For that simple yardstick, he would do well to repeat his dash for his life down the tavioka patch at Nabua camp just to stay in touch. Across all the main parties standing against him, the weight and spread of talent and ability pose as a tidal wave that will engulf his mottled crew of dropouts, hangers-on, underarchivers and past used by dates. For Fiji the array of candidates on display with the other parties, is a refreshing site and prospect, one it has been denied for near 8 years. 

Such has been the very high opportunity cost of Dictator Bainimarama's rule over these years. Fiji has missed out on the potential of its people. Sad to say Fiji's loss has been a blessing to other Pacific governments and businesses who have snapped up those talents and benefiting from it. No doubt only a return to democratic government will entice the return of these lost talents. Yet imagine the loss in aggregate productivity as a result of it and it baffles the mind. 

One of the real challenges will be eradicating the mindset of lackluster performance and having fly by night political masters. While hefty pay rises for PSs may have bought their loyalty, more difficult will be motivating the men and women who serve under them. Reinstating the public service culture of old will be tough unless a total clean out at the top is carried out. Even, heavens forbid a Bainimarama win in September, greater scrutiny will be applied by the Parliament.

Smart and talented people don't stand idly by while two people monopolize power in government. They're only able to get away with all they have because their colleagues sat silent and acquiesced. Even those without talent and ability could have manufactured some intestinal fortitude to question some of the decisions, especially the many that baffles the ordinary mind for its sheer stupidity. What it all points to is the inevitable result of a bully type group think, where once Bainimarama decides, the rest meekly follows as they each develop their own refined way of supporting his decision, by arguing against their own principles and conscience! How mentally tortuous it must be for the rest of them I wonder?

Then again when you collectively suffer from Talent Deficit Syndrome, all that tortuous thinking and mental flip flopping must have become a ritualised behavior. What we must all dread and guard against, is for the syndrome to become an epidemic, and infect the fresh array of talents and abilities now lined up against Dictator Bainimarama and his dilapidated bunch.

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