Monday, June 10, 2013

Suicide Worsens Under Bainimarama Dictatorship

"While Bainimarama and Khaiyum are raking in more than a million each a year from heading so many portfolios - and close to $6,000 a day between them - while the average Fijian is getting by on just $16.80 a day, suicide and attempted suicide continues to escalate in Fiji."

Fiji Times News

Suicide cases worry police

by Avinesh Gopal

IT is increasing on a daily basis and it has got the authorities really worried. People of all ages are reported to be either taking their lives or attempting to take it. Most of the cases are said to arise from family disagreements and relationship problems. Some people keep their problems bottled up inside them, thus resulting in the decision to take their own lives. But those who are depressed or facing personal problems should know there are avenues available to deal with their problems.

IT often surpasses the number of deaths through accidents, drowning or murder every year. Despite awareness and numerous advice people continue to either take their lives or attempt to do so. What makes things worse is that people who are in their teens also make up the statistics for suicide and attempted suicides.
  • Police statistics released last Friday reveal that there have been 64 attempted suicides and 55 suicides so far this year.
  • Last year, the Fiji Police Force recorded 124 suicide cases and 144 attempted suicide cases, of which eight who committed suicide and 20 who attempted the same were 16 years old and below.
  • The youngest person who committed suicide this year was a 13-year-old boy while the oldest was a 79-year-old woman.
Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the force was concerned with the increasing number of suicide and attempted suicide cases. 

  • Ms Naisoro said on average, police received a case of each on a daily basis from the Central, Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern divisions. "Of these cases, the majority result from family disagreements and relationship problems," she said.
  • Statistics released by police reveal that the majority of those who either committed suicide or attempted were males.
  • For reasons yet to be known, the Western Division has recorded the highest number of cases so far this year.
  • The West has recorded 62 suicides and attempted suicides followed by the Southern Division (26), 19 cases of both in the North, 11 in the Eastern Division and one in the Central Division.
Ms Naisoro said too many lives were being lost as a result of issues that could be solved through dialogue and mutual understanding. "What's of more concern is that in some cases, a person has tried more than once to take his/her life because of a recurring problem.

"Also of great concern is that young people in their teens are also resorting to such actions which they feel is the only way to solve their problems. "People should show more understanding towards one another and be mindful of the fact that people are different and will handle problems differently," said Ms Naisoro.

The police force has urged people facing personal problems or those who are depressed to share their problems with others instead of bottling them up.

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