Friday, May 10, 2013

Don’t Let Your Tourism Dollar Prop up the Illegal Fiji Military Regime

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Fiji is famous for its sandy white beaches, blue waters, palm trees, sunshine and smiling faces. The island’s new national airline, Fiji Airways, trades on this image.
But behind the island’s beauty lies a much uglier reality.

Under the military dictatorship of Commodore Frank Bainimarama, there has been little sunshine for Fijian workers and communities.

Since seizing control of the country in 2006, the regime has stripped workers of their wages and conditions, free speech has been stifled, and the country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights has been abrogated.

Thought Fiji was paradise? Think again.
  • Over 60 per cent of Fijian wage earners live below the poverty line while the cost of living is skyrocketing
  • Hotel workers earn less than $3 an hour
  • Most wages are up to 15 to 30 per cent below the poverty line
  • Groups of three or more people cannot meet without a permit
  • Basic union activities, including collective bargaining, has been outlawed in many sectors
  • The independence of the judiciary has been undermined
  • There is no protection of minimum wages and conditions in the public sector, which can be single-handedly changed without consultation
  • Fundamental rights has been stripped from workers in key private sectors
  • Trade unionists, journalists and human rights activists have been threatened and assaulted by the regime
  • Military Regime
  • The voices of human rights activists and trade unionists have been suppressed through trumped up charges in the courts
We can support the people of Fiji to get their paradise back.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s regime relies on the tourist dollar. Almost 700,000 people visited Fiji in 2011 – almost three-quarters of those visits were for a holiday.

The people of Fiji deserve to earn a living wage and have fair conditions at work, without intimidation from employers or the government. Don’t let your tourism dollar prop up the Fiji military regime this year.

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