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UDF Dismisses Aziz Statement as "Wishful Thinking"

United Front for a Democratic Fiji

Issued:  April 7th 2013

The UFDF labels remarks attributed to Military Chief of Staff Aziz calling for his Commander to continue as PM after the 2014 General Elections as ‘WISHFUL THINKING’  reminding him that it will be the people, not the military who will decide who leads!

The UFDF says such remarks from the military command although meant to be intimidating and threatening to the innocent people, actually exposes their increasing fear of the likely outcome of the 2014 elections once the people have the opportunity to cast their votes.

The UFDF said Brig Aziz’s public endorsement and support for Frank Bainimarama who is a self declared candidate for the 2014 general elections is contrary to earlier statements issued by Col Tikoitoga who categorically stated that the military will not support any political parties or person standing for the upcoming election? Saying that any member of the RFMF wishing to stand for Election must resign his Commission and leave the Military?

So what’s it to be gents? Is the Commander going to resign now that he has declared his candidacy?  Is Brig Aziz going to resign his commission for breaching an order by the Land Force Commander Tikoitoga in declaring the military’s support for a candidate who has announced his intention to contest the 2014 and is a military officer? Or is this just more about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing or another example of the regimes basic inability to operate within their own stated rules?

The UFDF said not being able to come up with a rational or sensible explanation for their unpopularity after 6 years of absolute control of the country, Brigadier Aziz, resorts as they all do to ‘threats and intimidating remarks’ as a way to shore up support for their unpopular leader and true to form, their Propaganda outlet the Fiji Sun graces their front page with the nonsense.

Authorized By:          Ratu Jone Kububola                           Mahendra Chaudhry
                                    Raman Singh                                      Mick Beddoes
                                    Attar Singh

PM must  lead: Aziz pledges personal loyalty

Posted by: Fiji Sun


Military Usurpers of Power by Treason - Now want to escape prison with Immunity Provisions in its Draft Constitution
The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) wants the illegal Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to lead the country after the 2014 General Election. Speaking to Fiji Sun yesterday, the RFMF’s chief of staff, Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz said: “We will give him our support to keep his leadership.” He was responding to political comments that have started as the nation prepares for the elections in 2014. Brigadier-General Aziz said the Prime Minister had started a new political path for the nation, which was totally different from what the nation had experienced from past governments.

He said after the takeover in 2006, the Bainimarama-led Government had to attend to some sad issues from the past. Promises, he said, had been made by politicians as a way to win quick votes, but it was rather sad that these votes were never translated into meaningful change. The RFMF’s chief of staff said another issue which the Government had worked on was land. “Land is usually a controversial issue and past governments used it as a political tool to gain votes from the landowners.” However, he said very little was done compared to what’s being done by the current Government. The Prime Minister had introduced land reforms and with these reforms more land was made available on new favourable terms and conditions.

Land reform is a priority for the development of the resource-based sector which will be mutually beneficial for both the landlords and tenants. Brigadier-General Aziz says one of the objectives of the reforms now in place is to eradicate abuse and corruption. The way forward for Fiji, he says, is for the Government to hear people’s concerns and act positively.

Now, he said, past politicians were ganging up and making criticisms against the Government. “However, they have not ever put forward to members of the public their way forward for the nation.” He said the RFMF would work with the Prime Minister to see that he retains leadership after the 2014 elections. He urged members of the public to join the military in supporting the Prime Minister in his bid to lead the nation in 2014. The new political direction the nation is now experiencing, according to the RFMF’s chief of staff, can only be carried forward by the Prime Minister and his Government.

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