Saturday, April 06, 2013

Noqu Viti Lomani - My Beloved Fiji

Sukanaivalu VC - Inspiration against tyranny
Below is a poem I wrote in the native Fijian language about the current political situation in my beloved home country. In it, I acknowledged the Almighty for the gift and blessing of a wonderful nation where many peoples now, together with its native inhabitants, all call home. As well, I reflected on the ravages brought about by the recent political upheavals. I deplored the use of the military to maim citizens and destroy the longstanding place of, and regard for, native Fijians and their traditional institutions within the state apparatus.

I also lamented the plight of those specifically targeted by the usurpers while taking pride in the actions of those fighting to put things right. I pointed out how the usurpers can pull matters back from the political abyss and prevent Fiji being cast in political darkness for a long while.

Despite being away from home, I yearned for the restoration of peace and freedom, just like most Fijians. And it is a truly felt desire that is as genuine as the native Fijian blood that flows in the veins of someone from my island of Yacata in Fiji.

Before I finished writing this poem, tears were flowing from my eyes, confirming for me the rightness in standing up to the illegal regime in Fiji. With that in mind, I have no hesitation dedicating this poem to all, who have and are still campaigning, to restore Fiji to its rightful place in the community of peace loving and civilised nations. The poem is titled Noqu Viti Lomani - My Beloved Fiji.


Viti noqu vanua lomani
Solisoli ni Kalou bula mai lomalagi
Meda bula kina na iTaukei
Kei ira noda kawa era muri mai

Edaidai sa veisau sara
Vulagi eso eda mai bula vata
Rawa oqori ena veiciqomi ni Turaga
Buli na lawa meda sa lewe ni vanua vata

Vuaviri nei Voreqe sa revurevu
Bucini ena lasu, na veibeci e ka levu
Noda Mataivalu e sa veisamu
Ituvatuva ni iTaukei e buturaki sobu

Isa noqu Viti sa solega na butobuto
Kawa iTaukei eda na kawaboko
Tucake o Rewa ena tawake kei Lomanikoro
Kubuna, Tovata nomudrau madigi sa koto

Tui Kobuca sa sereki
Veibeitaki lasu mo qaqauraki
Nomuni veiliutaki o Viti e nanamaki
Galala oti, na dina me qai ceburaki

Voreqe e saga me drovaka nona vere
Sinai vua na taqaya kei na rere
Ke via bula, tinia nomu vakabesebese
Cabe kina vanua, kerea kina nomu sere

Noqu serekali sa tini saka mada
Au mositi Viti dina sara
Dina ga ni'u tu vakayawa
Drodrovi au tu ga
Dra ni iTaukei mai Yacata.
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Anonymous said...

Is it right for you to call someone by a title that doesn't belong to him ... Tui Kobuca is a title that belongs to the Tilagucaguca family of which i have maternal links to. I am a vasu Mavana and my late grandfather Viliame Tilagucaguca was the last Tui Kobuca. E tolu na noqu mOmo (ganei tinaqu) ratou se bula tiko. sa kua mada na suguraka tiko na itutu vakavanua ...

Anonymous said...

Sai e daru sega ni se veikilai. I think u should choose a lively topic which is controversial but true like Indians refusing to go the Solomons and Malaya and there was no law to coheres them join the Military now. Its happening again now. They refuse to join the Military but opt to stay home with the women and do business.

Now the young generation of those who refused to join the Army are wanting equal rights. Sa bau vakasevaki dina but this is the truth.

Everybodyu is saying the same thing...rokoiului, coup 4.5 suliasi daunitutu...oiko mobiuta na arguments to sway the masses minds on why or why should we have equal rights. what is important now is moving pples belief. The military is winning bcs it is meeting the capital development needs of the Itaukei. They have not touched the Indo-Fijians bcs IndoFijians are for this govtexcept those very few whose positions arethreatened..)UNIonists) and those that arecharged (Chaudarys). The Fijians are the political brokers here.U try and feed their minds with ides which will move them over to almost nationalists (if I may say that) to balance out their views. Right now more people are saying no elections. but arte we redy for it. This is another issue. You try and talk about a postelection state where Bainimaramas has lost to an indo-Fijian party..what will happen..its the question of indigenous and readiness for change and election. Try zeroe into those three topics and analyse them. First is the statementthatIndians did not want tojoin the Army for the Malay and SolomonsCampaign. Tekivu I keya qai raica na feedback. Dr lala in one of his books is trying to coverthat upby saying that Indians were not asked to join the Army which to me is bullshit.