Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dictator Bainimarama Remains a Coward Within

The man holding Fiji and its people hostage for over 6 years now since his illegal seizure of power remains at heart a frightened  and cowardous individual. Accounts by his school mates and peers as soldiers and others who know him well, reveal a persona that suffers from chronic fatigue and fright that in turn will often assume or take on other forms of behaviour to compensate.

Bainimarama's psychotic trait has been identified by some as underlying his erratic and angry personality. US Ambassador Larry D commented on it when assessing Bainimarama's behaviour in the lead up to the 2006 coup saying "psychologists will have a field day" with him.

Someone who recalled an encounter involving Bainimarama when at school in Suva and challenged to own up to swearing or else stand up to a fight, said this in Fijian:

Au nanuma sara na gauna sara ya ni'u se vuli voli e SGS. Keitou tiko vei volekati tiko kei ratou na Simpsons e na Vesi St.....Herbert Hazleman, Perry Simpson etc. ...o Perry dau vaqarai ira sara ga yani na gone ni Marist e Flagstaff....vaka ga au se raica tiko qo dua na yakavi ni sa bolei ratou o Voreqe kei so tale na boys o ratou vei bilibili ni ratou sega ni vosacataki Perry....isa sa ratou tovolea kece me ratou tu taudua e muri ena matani kila ratou via baca ni qele me ratou dromu sobu ga - kena leqa ga ni Voreqe se baca tikoga ni sa oti qo sivia na 40 na yabaki!

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