Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scary Khaiyum has Military Inside his Home and Police Outside

"Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Khaiyum"
Khaiyum the very scary

That is exactly how the illegal AG, and Dictator Bainimarama's sidekick, go to sleep each night! How else can you account for having up to 5 security personnel guarding you each time you jump into bed.

This story was revealed in a report from Fiji when ADT security technicians were called to Khaiyum's residence in the night last week at Vunakece Place in Namadi Heights, Suva to fix a faulty alarm. On arrival, ADT staff were met by 2 Police officers guarding the front entrance and escorted inside the house to the faulty alarm box. 

Just before they opened the alarm box, 3 military special forces officers jump out from the side ready to take them down. However, a shooting spree was avoided when the two groups recognised each other. One of the military officers explained away their rapid reaction saying in Fijian:

 " E rere tiko ni moce na baku qo" meaning "This baku (uncircumsised = Khaiyum) is afraid to sleep"

Well just goes to show how Khaiyum must be living under a cloud of constant fear for his life, no doubt a direct result of being aware how much he is hated by a majority of people in Fiji. Even those assigned to his security detail loathe and detest him and his Dictator boss, Bainimarama. The guards are clearly just going through the motion of guarding him and no doubt will not hesitate to eliminate him under a different situation.  

If only Khaiyum realises that sooner or later their repressive rule will come to an end, as they all eventually do. When that time comes, he will not be able to rely anymore on the Police and Military officers assigned to guard him day and night. Then we will see if he maintains his feigned bravado and tough guy image and swagger, he has perfected to an art form this 6 years. His will be a slow march to his just reward and punishment for aiding and abetting an illegal and repressive regime that has terrorised and deprived Fiji's citizens of their human rights and dignity. 

A slow, slow end to his demisesuitably captured in a Fijian idiom thus: "Malua, malua ma Rusa"

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