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In Case We Forget - Dictator Bainimarama's Violent Record

 by Sai Lealea

We restate below Victor Lal's piece on various incidents documenting the violent and psychotic behaviour of Dictator Bainimarama and those close to him. It can be clearly shown that the man has a violent tendency unbecoming for someone holding a position of leadership. It is also clear he has a mental condition made worse by his exercise of authoritarian power he now exercise over the government and people of Fiji. The recent event regarding his very abusive and threatening treatment of a priest again confirms this violent persona, which one suspects can only worsen over time and as long as he is in power.

We call on the rest of the Military, especially those who love their country and feel tricked into following their Commander's illegal order of seizing power from a democratically elected government and abusing and torturing fellow citizens. 

Fiji's future credibility and integrity as a civilised and peaceful nation has been trashed long enough since the 2006 military coup. You have in your hands the power and opportunity to right things and bring relief to your fellow citizens once and for all. You have a very sick and mentally defective Commander who needs urgent treatment. Do not be fooled any longer into following his orders and those of his illegal government. Your fellow citizens have suffered enough in the last 6 years. Your own families and friends and members of your villages and towns are crying out for an end to all the madness brought in by Bainimarama and only a select few. They have reaped the many benefits while you and the rest of Fiji have suffered. There can be no doubt that life will get much, much worse in Fiji if the madness continues.  

Your time to act is now. And when you do, always remember that Fiji and all its people, will forever owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Because in ending the current madness, you will be returning Fiji to its proper place as a peace loving and civilised nation it once was. 

God Almighty and the people of Fiji now await each of you in the Fiji Military to take the courageous and triumphant step to remove the Bainimarama dictatorship and free Fiji and its people from the madness of its illegal rule.

Lest we forget - Fiji's beastly dictator: Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

Bainimarama’s catalogue of threats to kill, kidnap, and assault on anti-coup opponents:

“Don’t fuck with military” lamusona screamed as he kicked PSC chairman Stuart Huggett and hit him around the head at RFMF barracks
Bainimarama to PM Qarase’s private secretary: “You people fuck each other, your time is over.”


Larry Dinger, the former United States ambassador to Fiji, observed that that “a psychiatrist would have a field day with Bainimarama”. In 2004, the Minister for Home Affairs Joketani Cokanasiga had to grab the dictator by the scruff of the neck and throw him out of his office as he threatened to kill Home Affairs CEO Jeremaia Waqanisau.

We, therefore, should not believe Bainimarama that he neither threatened nor ordered his military goons to assault trade unionist Felix Anthony.

CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale: Bainimarama murder suspect
As I have repeatedly pointed out, the cassava patch runner Bainimarama is a fugitive from the long arm of the law, and has refused to give any police interview for his role in the killings of the Counter Revolutionary Welfare soldiers including Selesitino Kalounivale, who had played no part in the 2000 mutiny that day.

For the full account, see my earlier posting under the headings, “Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s violent paroxysm of revenge against innocent CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale following November 2000 mutiny at Delainabua barracks; Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz stopped police interview when soldier confessed to killing CRW soldiers on dictator’s orders; Kalounivale’s post-mortem report went missing from Police and DPP files” at

In the above account, I had also written as follows:  

“Bainimarama had cowardly escaped with his bodyguards by bolting through the cassava patch, and later took refuge at the naval base in Walu Bay, clearly shaken and frightened for his life. Worst, he had arrived at the naval base emitting an odious wafting body smell – according to some of the naval officers who received him that day the dictator had defecated in his pants from sheer fright.”

In fact, his violent behaviour stems, partially, from the trauma he suffered at the barracks following the bloody mutiny. In his affidavit to the Fiji High Court in 2007 the deposed Home Affairs Minister Josefa Vosanibola had claimed that before the 2006 coup he had also advised the President that the future dictator be sent on leave with full pay to enable the dictator to undergo trauma counselling but his advice was not acted on by Government House.

Lt Col Jeremaia Waqanisau threatened with death
The late Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremaia Waqanisau had refused to carry out Bainimarama’s coup order and took a new job as CEO at the Ministry of Home Affairs. In a file note at the time he recalled in January 2004 Bainimarama barged into Home Affairs Minister Cokanasiga's office with several bodyguards, accusing Waqanisau of raising an army against him. “Bainimarama further said had it not been for the minister I would have been dead already, and next time the military came back to finish what they started he would personally lead [them] to town and make sure I would be the first to die.

“I told Bainimarama when he came down next time he should come alone, without his weapon and his armed body guards and then try to kill me. He became furious challenging me to a fight taking off his [weapon] and posing for a fight... I said I didn't want to fight him and he should go away. The minister was holding him back and eventually pushed him out the door.”

PSC chairman Stuart Huggett assaulted at army camp
On 6 December 2006 Huggett, the British-born architect, business and civil servant, was removed from his post as chairman of the Public Service Commission. Bainimarama had sent his goon squad to break-up a meeting of CEOs which Huggett had called after the treasonous coup.

The goons broke up the meeting and detained Huggett and Nainendra Nand, the then Solicitor-General of Fiji. There were unconfirmed reports that the two had been assaulted. The former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer had given some credence to the alleged rumours.

While Huggett and Nand remained silent, it was Dinger who confirmed the assault, informing Washington in his Wikileaks cable under the heading, ‘Don’t f*** with military: 

“When Public Services Commission Chairman Stuart Huggett was taken to the RFMF HQ on Dec. 7, 2006, Commodore Bainimarama kicked Huggett's legs out from under him and beat him around the head, telling him, “Don't f*** with the military.” Earlier reports had said Bainimarama had pulled on Huggett's ear.”

A soldier present at the meeting had told me that Bainimarama had his boot on Hugget's neck while threatening the PSC chairman.

Ratu Tevita Mara: “Banimarama beats women”
We already have a detailed account of how Bainimarama assaulted three pro-democracy women advocates – Laisa Digitaki, Virisila Buadromo and Jacquline Koroi – who were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva for “silencing”. For details, read the following: statement 4.html

Rabaka murder case: Bainimarama wanted killers sent for Iraq duty
When Fiji media broke the story about the murder suspects being prevented from leaving for Iraq on Saturday 27 October 2007 Bainimarama, who has avoided a murder inquiry into his own conduct following the 2000 mutiny and deaths at Nabua camp, appeared on Fiji TV on 29 October.

He denied any interference in the Rabaka murder case, claiming that he was helpless to stop any soldiers from going overseas on peacekeeping duties just because they were suspects in a murder case. But see story below

We must not forget the well documented evidence in the murder of Nimilote Verebasaga:

Bainimarama ordered torture and beating of Sam Speight
Also, Bainimarama was behind the brutal beating of Samisoni Speight Tikoinisau:
Bainimarama and his henchman Penioni Naliva
Tikoinisau was assaulted and tortured by Bainimarama’s henchman Penioni Naliva (Ben) who we will meet again later on in this narrative. According to Tikoinsau:

“I was on the cement floor lying face down receiving blows to my back and head and my head being stepped on by a boot the soldier whom I identified as Penioni Naliva was armed with a M16 rifle and I was shocked when I felt the metal barrel of the gun forcing my shorts down from the hip exposing my buttocks and to my horror he attempted to force the point of the gun into my rear end. I immediately turned over and asked him what was he trying to do and to which he responded by swearing and confirming his intentions. I struggled to my feet and was further assaulted. I heard one of the assailants cautioning the others to be careful that Inot incur any visible injury. I interpreted this as their efforts in trying to conceal the physical abuse that was being inflicted upon me.”

The list goes on, and on – Bainimarama’s role in the beating up of businessman Ballu Khan, the arson attack on Fiji Court of Appeal judge Gordon Ward’s (recently knighted) villa in Deuba etc, etc, etc. So far Bainimarama has escaped justice. Instead, he has not hesitated to accuse others of trying to kill him, for example, the “Baledrokadroka Incident”.

Treasonous Bainimarama: “Baledrokadroka threatened my life.”
In January 2006 Bainimarama dismissed Lieutenant Colonel Land Force Commander Jone Baledrokadroka claiming that the colonel had attempted to take control of the army and had threatened to kill him. However, Baledrokadroka denied the allegation claiming that he had called Bainimarama to step down over his political attacks against the Laisenia Qarase led SDL-FLP multi-party government.

“There was an instant when (Baledrokadroka) threatened my life," Bainimarama told reporters. “He threatened to shoot me, but I hope that threat will have gone away by now,” boasted Bainimarama. Baledrokadroka, however, insisted that he was trying to stop Bainimarama from committing treason.

Bainimarama swore at Anthony and his goons’ assaulted trade unionist
Despite recent denials there is overwhelming evidence that Bainimarama swore and abused trade unionist Felix Anthony before handing him over to his “beating goons”.

Last year the International Labour Organization (ILO) disclosed some details about Anthony’s beating at the hands of the military:

On 12 February, Anthony was taken from his home by 3 uniformed military officers and subjected to threats whilst being driven around the back roads of Lautoka for some 2 hours. His family, including children, were also threatened. On 18 February, Anthony and other union officials from the sugar industry were called to meet the Fijian Prime Minister at a sugar mill in Ba, on the western side of Fiji. The union representatives were subsequently assaulted by military officers while still at the mill, then taken to Namaka military barracks and subjected to further beatings. As they were released from the barracks, they were again threatened with further violence.” 

Now, Bainimarama is claiming that Anthony has withdrawn his complaint to police but the trade unionist insists that he has not withdrawn his statement to police.

Bainimarama behind publisher’s kidnap and deportation

There is evidence that Bainimarama, in collusion with his one-time treasonist in crime Mahendra Chaudhry and Shaista Shameem, the director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, was involved in the kidnap and deportation of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter after he (Hunter) published my 10-page expose of Chaudhry’s secret millions in Australian and New Zealand bank accounts.

Incidentally, we may recall that on the day my story came out in February 2008 in the Sunday Sun, Bainimarama had called a press conference that afternoon in Suva where he denounced me and supported Chaudhry, his then Interim Finance Minister. They also had copies of Hunter’s hacked e-mails on them – exchanges between me and Hunter regarding Chaudhry’s tax matters.

I had been communicating with Hunter in “Watergate speak” – referring to Chaudhry as “Daaku” and one of my major contacts in FIRCA as DT (Deep Throat). It later emerged from sources at the press conference that Bainimarama had lashed out at Daryl Tarte, the then chairman of the Fiji Media Council, accusing him of being the DT in the e-mails.

In other words he thought DT was Daryl Tarte when DT, in fact, was my Deep Throat, a pseudonym borrowed from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s secret informant who provided information to them on the Watergate scandal involving President Richard Nixon.
Bainimarama exploited President’s dementia for his own ends

A snapshot of Bainimarama’s violent personality can be seen in the following letter from N C Goneyali, permanent secretary to President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Goneyali wrote on 7 April 2003 under the heading ‘Unprofessional Conduct by the Comander of Fiji Military Forces’:

“I was very annoyed and frustrated regarding the unsophisticated, rude, unrespectable behaviour of the Commander of Fiji Military Forces. On Friday he rang ADC Capt Damuni regarding his intention to see His Excellency the President and he emphasized that he does not want me to be in this meeting. I personally did not agree with this idea because of the need for me to be beside His Excellency all the time in all meetings because of the present state of his mind.

He came in Friday morning and without having the courtesy of seeing me first, he went straight to the Office of the President. I was only told by one of the staffs of Government House that he was already inside the office. I then went into the Office and as soon as I set down, he ordered me with a high-pitched voice that I should go outside, I replied that I was not going to go outside and after some exchange of words he mentioned and I quote: “I do not care whether His Excellency will remember what we discussed or not.”

I then asked His Excellency for his advice and he asked me if I could be excused from his office. I did not know what they discussed and I did not know when he left Government House. I was surprised when ADC came to my office to deliver the same letter, which was sent to Commander regarding the “Confirmation of General Court Martial Findings and Sentences”. This letter was not in an envelope and without any covering letter at all, something which is very unprofessional.

I felt sorry for His Excellency because I could see that he was disturbed and stressed by what was happening – a situation which I always do not allow His Excellency to reach because of the danger of him getting another heart attack. His Excellency felt sick after this meeting that he had to go home and rest because of the severe headache. He did not come back to work in the afternoon.

The Commander has no respect at all for the Office of the President. He was sitting with his right leg flexed over his left knee and both his arms were fully extended laterally over the sofa at ninety degrees. There is obviously something wrong with this man, as no respectable Fijian will ever behave in this manner in the President’s Office.

On Monday morning His Excellency admitted that he could not remember anything they discussed with Commander however I presume that it was about the letter which was sent to him regarding the “Confirmation of General Court Martial Findings and Sentences”

And yet it was Bainimarama who accused Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes in 2006 of having no respect for the Office of the President when Hughes, armed with a search warrant, had authorized his police officers to search the President’s Office for “an advance copy of the 2006 coup document”. Bainimarama said the raid was the biggest insult on Fiji and its people and told Hughes to pack and leave Fiji.

In fact, Police were looking for minutes of Bainimarama’s meeting with President Iloilo (who by now could hardly remember who he was or who he was meeting with) before Bainimarama left for New Zealand for that famous meeting with deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Police found and took away a copy of Bainimarama’s coup plan that had Iloilo’s signature and endorsement with “OK go ahead”. Bainimarama had duped Iloilo to affix his signature on the document in the full knowledge that the dementia from 2003 had taken complete hold of the President’s memory in 2006.

The Charge Sheet against Bainimarama before coup
Hughes, meanwhile, unbowed, pressed on with the following charges against Bainimarama:
(1) Disobeying the Lawful Directive of the Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration to stop making public pronouncements on issues, relating to Public Safety, Public Order, and National Security since 18 April 2006;
(2) Seditious public statements that have caused fear and alarm to members of the public from 2004 until today:
(3) Unlawful Removal of a container of ammunition from Kings Wharf Suva on 1/11/2006;
(4) Alleged plot to overthrow the Soqoso Duavata ni Lewa ni Vanua (SDL) led Coalition Government:
(5) Murder of the CRW officers at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks during the Mutiny at RFMF Barracks on 2 November 2000.

On 17 November 2006 the Fiji police invited Bainimarama by a letter to attend an interview on Wednesday 22 November 2006 at 11am. They were advised late that day that he was scheduled to travel to New Zealand for a personal visit at 8.40am out of Nadi on Tuesday 21/11/06.

Hughes decided to press for his arrest in New Zealand but the New Zealand police, after at first agreeing that the commander had breached New Zealand law, declined to act. See “Fiji police chief tried to get Bainimarama arrested in NZ” at the following site:

On 10 November 2006 Vosanibola, while refusing to terminate Hughes contract as demanded by Bainimarama had stressed to him under the heading, ‘Stop all criminal police investigations against the military officers and investigations against the CRMF’:

“Your request to government is a total contradiction of your widely acknowledged principle that “no one is above the low”. It would undermine the general public’s respect for the future of law if special dissipation or selective justice is accorded to military personnel who may have broken the law. Government is in full agreement with your commonly held view that, “justice must not only be done but seen to be done”. But Bainimarama had more sinister Plan B regarding the defiant Hughes.

Bainimarama formed kidnap squad to target Hughes and family
As Hughes began to close in on the dictator for various crimes to stop him from carrying out the 2006 treasonous coup, Bainimarama put into action his own plan – he ordered that Hughes and his family be kidnapped and held ransom to achieve his objectives.

In February 2007 Hughes told the Canberra Times: “It was pretty intense. The threat levelled at me initially, and you get that as commissioner, and I wasn’t overly concerned about it but it spread to my family,” he was quoted. “So my family was uplifted (out of the country) very quickly and the AFP (Australian Federal Police) were terrific, they moved in very fast.”

Hughes said the kidnap plot was part of the plan to force the democratically-elected government of Qarase to meet the demands of Bainimarama, including that the police commissioner [Hughes] be sacked. Dinger’s secret cables to Washington confirm Hughes version of events, including highly sensitive documents on me from Berkeley Crescent military high command in Suva.

You can hear Hughes version of events by clicking below:

Bainimarama to Qarase’s secretary: “You people fuck each other, your time is over.”

A thoroughly shameless foul-mouth coward representing the people and nation of Fiji as an unelected and illegal Prime Minister was violently abusive to the bitter end. We met Captain Damuni in the narrative in 2003 when he was ADC to the President.

Curiously, on the morning of 5 December 2006, he called Qarase’s private secretary from the military barracks on behalf of Bainimarama and warned him to prepare himself [the private secretary] to be taken to prison along with Prime Minister Qarase and the then CEO in the PM’s Office Jioji Kotobalavu.

Damuni was part of the army officers who had forcibly removed arms from King’s Wharf despite protestations from Hughes. He had been warned to be sent to Nukulau Island one day for his support for Bainimarama’s threatened coup. His phone call was merely a curtain-raiser - a more sinister and chilling call, intended for Qarase who had remained defiant in the face of calls to resign and hand power to Bainimarama.

As Qarase remained barricaded in his Suva home, the phone finally came in the afternoon from Bainimarama right-hand man Captain Penioni (Ben) Naliva’s number. Naliva said hello and then gave the phone to Bainimarama who then proceeded to swear at PM Qarase and his secretary in Fiji.

He used filthy native Fijian swear words that were unbecoming of his office and especially the one that he was illegally seizing. It appeared that Bainimarama was enraged at the news items of the coup especially the interviews of Prime Minister Qarase by the international press.

He used words to this effect, 
“------, na cava tale dou se cakava tiko qori? Tukuna vua na luve ni magaitinana qori me sogota na gusuna de’u na lako yani i keri me’u yarataka na domona me vakavodoki i na waqa me fuck-off laivi i nodratou koro. Cava dou vinakata mo dou lai laulaumoku yani e keri? Dou veicai, sa oti na nomudou gauna. Tukuna vua na tamata qori me sogota na gusuna de’u na qai gole sobu yani me’u lai sogota vua”

It can be translated as follows: 
“------, what else are you people doing there? Tell that son of his mother’s vagina (referring to the then Prime Minister Qarase) to shut his mouth or I’ll come down there and drag him by the neck so that he can fuck-off to his village. Do you people want to be beaten up? You people fuck each other, your time is over. Tell that person (again referring to Qarase) to shut his mouth or I’ll come down to shut it for him.”

In the evening, at 6pm, Bainimarama seized power justifying his coup based on The Doctrine of Necessity, a coup document which had been prepared for him by Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Mohammed Aziz. Many other treasonists rushed to join the Bainimarama regime, including Mahendra Chaudhry, the leader of the Fiji Labour Party.

No wonder Bainimarama, Khaiyum and others want immunity in a new Constitution, for they know that their own “time is not over” – the list of threat to kill, kidnap, assault, torture and other charges will get longer and longer by 2014.

Bainimarama goes to bed every night sweating, in the full knowledge that with rebellion awareness is born – in his case and that of his cronies, the string of charges awaiting them. Let us hope others yet to speak up, will do so, by “crying out the truth”.

His Indo-Fijian supporters of the coup have been brainwashed with all sorts of “goodies” including dual citizenship because he, like Adolf Hitler, has tapped into their own long-standing prejudice against native Fijians. Instead of availing himself to police, he began blaming native Fijians for Fiji’s problems – and sadly – many Indo-Fijians are accepting it because many hold strong strains of anti-i-taukeism themselves.

But no dictator can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever – and that applies to Fiji’s own beastly and violently foul-mouth dictator Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.

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