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State Surveillance Widespread in Bainimarama Dictatorship

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Confirmation of widespread surveillance under the Bainimarama dictatorship has been revealed in stories and information posted in pro-democracy blogs. 

 Coup 4.5 has posted a list of more than 80 people under Police surveillance. It includes trade unionists, leaders of political parties, NGO figures and many others. Even those associated with the current regime are in the list. Former Defence Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau and current wife of the President, Adi Koila Nailatikau, are also on the list.  

Sadly but unsurprising, it all goes to show how Fiji has become a Police state under the Bainimarama dictatorship where those opposed to the regime are being monitored and watched by agents of the State. One wonders what amount of State resources were being spent just following and tracking the movements and whereabouts of those on the list. Such wasteful use of time, resources and monies that could be directed elsewhere much more deserving. But that is life in Fiji under Bainimarama and his bunch of thugs, who have been terrorizing innocent citizens, and threatening those with the courage of their conviction, to speak out against the ongoing illegalities.

The story below by Fiji Today, featured one of those constantly under the surveillance radar of the Bainimarama dictatorship. Chaudhry remains a thorn in the regime's side and therefore warrants ongoing monitoring and surveillance. Yet the ineptitude of the regime's approach is there for all to see with what appears to be a botched attempt at entering the Chaudhry's residence where a cell phone belonging to a military officer was found lying in the front of the property. This is only one of many times where private property and residence have been the subject of unlawful entry, sabotage and damage by units of the military tasked with harassing regime opponents. The victim list includes:
  • attempted firebombing of late lawyer Tevita Fa's car;
  • damage to parked car of Fiji Times editor Netani Rika;
  • stones thrown breaking the windows of former military officer, Sakiusa Raivoce's property; and
  • many others who have decided not to report what happened to them.
Prior to December 05 2006, Fijians may have been blissfully living a carefree life, where the State and its apparatus were only being applied at promoting and safeguarding their interest. That has now changed for good. Instead they are being directed at subjugating the freedom, person liberty and human rights of innocent citizens. Unless and until normality and democratic rule returns, Fiji and its people will have to endure a prolonged state of ill treatment and exploitation at the hands of their own State agents and its apparatus.

Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry was somewhat intrigued to find a mobile phone lying on his compound. Inquiries revealed that the phone belonged to an Army officer.

Posted on Fiji Today

What was an army mobile phone doing in Mahendra Chaudhry’s front yard?

The incident occurred about a week ago, the morning after Mr Chaudhry returned home from his Sydney trip. He found the phone lying on the front lawn of his residence at Suva Point at about 8am the next morning. It had definitely not been there the evening before. 

He immediately informed the officer at the Suva Point Police Post realizing that the phone had either been deliberately thrown in, placed or planted on his property, and called for an inquiry. 

Constable Tawake took the report. Half an hour later, he returned to say that his inquiries revealed that the phone belonged to an Army officer, Ms Tale who was based at the RFMF headquarters in Berkeley Crescent.I was somewhat intrigued but not surprised as I am aware of military and police surveillance on me and my family members,” said Mr Chaudhry. 

Later in the morning Mr Chaudhry called Constable Tawake again. He confirmed his earlier finding and said Ms Tale was with him at the Police post and let Mr Chaudhry speak to her on the phone. “I spoke to a lady who identified herself as Ms Tale, a military officer based at the RFMF headquarters. She confirmed that the phone belonged to her but had no idea how it ended up in my front yard,” Mr Chaudhry said. Ms Tale told him that she remembered walking from the Trapps nightclub to O’Reilleys the night before and suspected that she had lost the phone somewhere between these two night clubs. “I find her explanation somewhat incredulous,” Mr Chaudhry said.

He has written to the Police Commissioner about the incident asking that the matter be thoroughly investigated. “I am particularly interested to know whether Ms Tale or some other associate of hers entered my premises for some clandestine purpose and left the phone there inadvertently. “I regard this matter as serious and urge you to direct your officers to conduct appropriate investigations and inform me of the outcome,” he wrote. The Police have not as yet responded to Mr Chaudhry’s letter. 

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