Friday, December 21, 2012

President Receives Fiji's Draft Constitution

FBC News Update

In what appear to be a quiet and private affair at Government House this morning, Fiji’s draft Constitution has been handed to President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau by the Constitution Commission.

The next process that is going to take place is where a Constituent Assembly appointed by the Prime Minister deliberates on the draft Document.

The work of the Constituent Assembly is expected to be completed by late March 2013. 

The new constitution for Fiji shall come into effect on the day following the date of assent by the President, subject to any provision in the constitution that postpones the coming into effect of any aspect of the new constitution.

In handing over the draft document to the President this morning, Ghai said the submissions were critical to their work in ensuring they produced the best constitution for all Fijians.

Now that a draft has been produced, note the remaining steps are all stacked in favour of the Bainimarama dictatorship to determine the final content, namely:
  • draft document to be considered by a Constituent Assembly whose members will be appointed by the illegal PM according to criteria set by him. All his appointees will have the chance to modify it in line with what Bainimarama decides and in line with the military's submission to the Constitutional Commission;
  • then the reworked draft will be handed to the Presdient appointed by him, who has never questioned nor rejected any of the draconian decrees put before him to sign - Remember even the decree abolishing the Great Council of Chiefs and the Emergency Regulations enabling the military to torture and terrorise innocent citizens;
  • President then hands it over to a tribunal of illegal judges also appointed by him to ensure it complies with his so called unilaterally determined principles and values. If anything untoward is discovered, such as absence of "immunity for him and his thugs", they will hand it back to the President for his Assembly to consider and change. This chain of approach will continue until Bainimarama is happy and gets what he wants.
So sit and watch this sad cycle of pretense and fraud to be acted out in the months ahead - all in the name of having the people of Fiji decide what is best for them. It can't be further from the truth as everything is calculated to secure Bainimarama what he wants - escape from prosecution and certain imprisonment. That is precisely why he is going to the extent he is, with Khaiyum' connivance, to have a drawn out process to trick the people.

But no government or civilization will last forever. When the people realise that you are the cause of their misery and hardship, you don’t have much longer.

As Victor Hugo said: "When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right."

Tony Blair reflected: "Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: 
  • freedom, not tyranny; 
  • democracy, not dictatorship; and
  • the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police."
In history, the rule of dictators has always eventually led to their demise, some brutally, and usually at the cost of the country's well-being. With Bainimarama ruling Fiji, sadly, that result may well come to pass.

Any one able to provide a copy of the DRAFT Constitution is requested to email it to this Blog - 

Watch the Video on the Handover ceremony!


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