Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Former Regime Spokesperson Charged with Fraud

 Sai's Comments:

A former prominent regime spokesperson has fallen foul of the illegal regime's own laws. Former Principal Information Officer at the Ministry of Works, Sainiana Waqainabete Radrodro, appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon charged with 11 counts of fraud.

Readers will recall her as very much the poster picture girl with the news media expounding the virtues of the regime's loan-funded infrastructure programme. As well, she was fronting on other employment issues with her ministry around workers doctoring their timesheets. On that particular topic, she was scathing about the lack of integrity and honesty of those involved. Sadly, she is now caught up in the whirlpool of her own hypocrisy, albeit by laws imposed by her own illegal regime.

Someone who knew of her background had some uncharitable remarks regarding her path to becoming a spokesperson for the regime.
"I know alot about her shady background but correct me if I am wrong but didn’t she started off blogging against the 2006 coup and being from Kiuva...... it was kinda strange and all of a sudden she was elevated to be the mouthpiece of the Ministry for Works from obscurity to being a public face of the regime"

As a Fijian, it is hard though not to feel for her plight. But it is a brutal reminder about the risks and costs in becoming embedded with an illegal regime, especially those who serve as its prominent mouthpieces. While the pay offs by way of glamour, proximity to those in power and free publicity has its intoxicating attraction, the downside can also be brutal. In truth, the regime will only look after its very closest of buddies and not hesitate to sacrifice others in order to continuously justify its anti-corruption campaign. I'm afraid Sainiana, like others, could be among those singled out for such treatment. Let us await the outcome of the trial to see if Sainiana's sacrifice and decision to embrace an illegal regime was all worth it. But as we all know, her chances may not all be good given the shady state of Fiji's courts and justice system.


Fiji Village News

Former regime Spokesperson Sainiana Waqainabete Radrodro
Former Principal Information Officer at the Ministry of Works, Sainiana Radrodro appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon charged with 11 counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception contrary to section 318 of the Crimes Decree No 44 of 2009. 

The offences are alleged to have taken place between May of 2010 and June of 2011. 

In all 11 counts, the accused is alleged, by deception namely, by falsely stating that the Minister for Works, Transport & Public Utilities had requested money in grand total of $8,260 over 11 separate occasions within this period for different reasons. 

Magistrate Yohan Liyange granted bail to Radrodro and her surety is her father-in-law, Lorima Baba who is an insurance agent.

The magistrate told Baba that if Radrodro fails to appear in court, he has to pay a fine of $3,000.
Radrodro in her heydays as regime spokesperson

Magistrate Liyange has also spoken to the Immigration Department for a stop departure order for Sainiana Radrodro not to travel overseas.  She has to report to the Nabua police station every Friday.

However her passport was not handed in court as it is with the NZ Immigration awaiting a visa for travel.

Magistrate Liyange has asked that the passport be handed to the court as soon as it is released.  Radrodro will reappear in court on the 10th of next month.

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