Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fiji Dictator Threaten Yash Ghai with Jail to Stop Handing out Draft Constitution


Picture Police and military sources have told Fijileaks that 600 copies of the Draft Constitution seized on the orders of Aiyaz Khaiyum was burnt on 22 December. The copies, meant to be circulated to members of the general public, political parties and other institutions, was torched by police under the watchful guns of the military. 

Dictator threaten Ghai with jail
Just as we all suspected, Dictator Bainimarama was not all happy with Yash Ghai and the draft Constitution they produced yesterday, since handed to the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

Report from Fiji from someone who was invited to attend this morning's meeting at the Parliamentary Complex, revealed that the meeting with political parties, NGOs, Church and other styakeholders was cancelled late Thursday evening  when the Military delivered a directive from Bainimarama not to distribute copies of the draft constitution. Ghai was going to give out copies of the draft document at that meeting.

Even diplomats were to attend the meeting, especially those representing governments that funded the work of the Constitutional Commission.

It has been revealed that Bainimarama personally called Ghai and threatened to lock him and his team in jail  "if he dare distribute copies of the draft." Ghai was reported to have responded that he be put in jail but not his team or staff.

Fiji military absurd and late submission

It would appear that most of the Military's submission were ignored or left out, not least because it was late. Instead Ghai has been reported to be firmly behind a military that focuses on external threat and is accountable to the government and parliament. He said there is a whole chapter dedicated to the framework of national security in Fiji, which sets out the boundaries within which the military should work. No doubt Bainimarama was not at all happy with this!
Nazhat Shameem - tasked to rewrite draft Fiji constitution

Is it now the responsibility of Nazhat Shameem, the Bainimarama appointee and lackey, as chair of the Bainimarama appointed Constituent Assembly, to rewrite the draft document to her boss's satisfaction? Well, that would be entirely in keeping with Bainimarama's plan to defraud the people of Fiji. The task for everyone now is to:
  • get hold of a copy of the draft Constitution and compare it with the changes to be made by the Constituent Assembly. 
That is what Bainimarama is banking on with all his appointees to the Constituent Assembly and the tribunal panel of judges. It is the final attempts of a desperate dictator who cannot trust the people to decide for themselves what is best for them. He has noted their negative responses in submissions to the Constitutional Commission, for Immunity, and he is no doubt worried and angry! He is like a cornered rat and that is why he does not want copies of the draft constitution to be distributed at all. I would not be surprised if the illegal AG, Khaiyum, is already drafting a decree making it a crime.

 Anyone able to secure a copy of the draft document is also requested to email this Blog -

Diplomats who were invited felt they were entitled to copies of the draft document since they had funded the process. Governments cited by Ghai in his handover speech to the President included: United States, UK, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. Just like the overseas response to Cyclone Evan, these were also governments that were readily forthcoming with aid and assistance for those affected, even if their contribution were handed to the Red Cross and not the illegal Bainimarama regime.

Where then were Bainimarama's latest acquired mates, especially those from the Non Aligned Movement, including China and India? Just goes to show who are Fiji's real friends and none of them endorsed  or condoned a military dictatorship.

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