Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dictator Bainimarama Furious at Being Shut Out of British Military Bases

Read below the instruction to British military bases not to allow Fiji Dictator Bainimarama entry. Done with British style and class, the instruction included the caveat it be done:

  "in a polite and courteous manner".

By all accounts the Dictator has been furious at the huge slight directed at him by the British. Reports from the UK reveal he wanted to show off that he was able to go anywhere he wished while there and especially to be able to fraternise with Fijians in the British army. He and his wife Mary had wanted to also visit one of their daughters married to a Fijian in the British army.

It is also rumored that due to this treatment by the British, coupled with the denial of his brother Meli, being the Fiji High Comm to UK, Bainimarama has lashed out calling for an assessment on whether Fiji should keep its High Comm in the UK. Already, the Queen's Birthday has been removed from the list of public holidays in Fiji from next year, on the advice of his brother Meli, following his snub at not being appointed High Comm. Recently, it was unilaterally decided that The Queen will not be on Fiji currency notes. 

Sadly, these actions were all due to the Dictator feeling peeved at his rightful treatment by the British government as a common criminal, thug and dictator for illegally removing a democratically elected government in a coup. Bainimarama is just not man enough to realise the error of his ways and while he may have his way in Fiji, it is definitely Not So in other countries that cherish freedom, democracy and the rule of law.



1.        1.           Issue
 The Fijian Prime Minister (FPM), Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, is  currently visiting the UK for the International Sugar Organisation Conference, and has been seeking access to military bases or MQs to visit relatives and Fijian soldiers.

2.            Background
a. Fiji is currently suspended from the Commonwealth due to concerns regarding its democratic processes. However, the FPM is currently visiting the UK with a time limited Visa (24 Nov – 1 Dec 12). Min AF has previously instructed (last year) that visiting Fijian Ministers were not to have access to military bases or establishments, but this was not promulgated to the CoC. Despite Min AF’s previous instruction, the FPM has attempted to visit Fijian nationals serving at Tidworth, and has gained access to Kendrew Bks,  Cottesmore where he stayed in a MQ overnight with his daughter and brother-in-law (night of 28/29 Nov).

b. The FPM travel itinerary whilst in the UK is unknown but a previous visit earlier this month by the Fijian Minister of Defence was quite extensive. As such it would seem likely to assume that the FPM may seek to visit any location where Fijian nationals are serving.

3.            Task
I fear that in some respects the horse has already bolted but direction from London is that the FPM should not access Mil bases (and this should be done in a polite and courteous manner), but if he were to visit a MQ that sit outside the wire he would be allowed to do so. Any cases where entry has been denied should be collated and sent to LF XO1 (LF-ComdGp-EXEC-XO1).


Maj Justin Barry | Executive Officer 1

WO1 (RASM) PM Armstrong | Royal Artillery Sergeant Major

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