Saturday, November 10, 2012

Military Torturer is Manager of Fiji Rugby Team for UK Tour

Torturer Aseri Rokoura (middle) with Dictator Bainimarama
One of Fiji Military's known torturer is now the manager of the Fiji Rugby team for its tour of the UK. This move appears to signal the slow but sure  takeover and control of the leadership of Fiji's rugby by the military regime. Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga is the Chairman and current coach, Inoke Male is a former navy officer and other military personnel such as Dictator Bainimarama's brother in law, Frances Kean, a convicted murderer, is Chairman of the Suva rugby union.
Military Thug in Fiji Rugby Union

But it is the appointment of Aseri Rokoura, a major, that has raised attention in Fiji and overseas with calls by unions and supporters to publicise the appointment to draw attention to the brutal background of Rokoura. It is reported that Rokoura has been involved in numerous assaults and the brutal torture of civilians taken up to the military camp in Suva, under the direct command of the Dictator Bainimarama. Victims have testified and confirmed Rokoura's participation and the information are being recorded for future prosecution.

Torturer to Rugby Manager Rokoura (middle)
One wonders what implication would be for the conduct of the Fiji rugby tour of UK now that the major's brutal and torturous background has been made known internationally. It is disgusting to know that someone with such a criminal tendency in torturing fellow Fijians, even women, can be elevated to manage a national touring team. But that is Fiji - where dictatorship rules, a far more apt and honest brand statement at the moment than that being put out by Khaiyum's dishonest tourism drive. 

In fact the latest report from the UK reveal that the military thuggish approach has already been incorporated into the Fiji Rugby team discipline. True to form, Major Rokoura as manager, has threatened team members that:

 "anyone breaking the rules by leaving their hotel to visit relatives or friends without permission or any illdiscipline will be taken to Camp on return to Fiji."

According to sources in the UK who visited the team camp, the players are not happy with the team Manager and it surely cannot be good for their morale as most of whom are not soldiers to be treated in such a manner.