Friday, November 30, 2012

Dictator Bainimarama Stopped from Visiting British Army Barracks

FijiLeaks is reporting how the Fiji Dictator Bainimarama, has not being permitted into British Military Barracks to visit Fijians serving in the British army. Bainimarama is reported to be on a "Restricted Visa" while in London to chair a meeting on Sugar, which does not allow him access to those military establishments. What a great embarrasment for a tinpot dictator thinking he could just march into any British military barrack he chooses as if he is a legitimate leader! Such a monumental act of pretense and naivety. Does he know that being British comes with observing and displaying certain standards of behaviour and class that is untainted by treason, murder and the brutal treatment of innocent civilians? 

Just like his brother Meli, High Commisioner to Malaysia, thinking he could just drop in on the London Olympics after first being rejected as candidate for Fiji's High Commissioner to the UK. Lofty expectations and elevating themselves beyond their ability must run high in the Bainimarama family DNA! The sooner they climb down from their stolen high horses the better it will be for themselves.  Fiji and its people do not deserve such despotic display of ignorance and pretense.

See the story below as posted on FijiLeaks.

$F850 chicken curry party off: Currying favour leaves bad taste in Bainimarama's cynical publicity pot - more British army bases deny him access to Fijian soldiers

Friday 30th of December 2012 had been set aside as "chicken curry night" in honour of Fiji's military dictator Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The Fiji High Commissioner in London Solo Mara had been ordered to fork out $F850 from the Commission's budget and give it to the wives of Fijian soldiers serving in the British army, to cook chicken curry for Bainimarama and his entourage. Now it has emerged that Tidworth military barracks, the "curry night venue", has been declared off-limits to Bainimarama because he has a "restricted visa" to the UK. Soldeirs from the neighbouring Larkhill barracks had also been warned to keep away - so the "curry night is off". Many Fijian soldiers and their wives are hugely relieved - that they dont have to share food from the same pot - especially when the $F850 was from Fiji's suffering taxpayers: "Those who are rich by ill-gotten gains will meet their due justice," one said, and we "are grateful to the British military top brass for keeping Bainimarama off their premises".