Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Military Family Benefits from Bainimarama Coup

Remember these words by Dictator Bainimarama:

"I swear that no military officer will benefit from my coup...YES, he will (and) his family"

Those words now sound hollow and are just blatant lies as droves of military personnel are inhabiting government roles without proper procedures being followed. Nor are these officers, just like their Dictator master, qualified to hold such positions under normal situations. But of course these are not such situations! Convicts such as Frances King and numerous others without any academic training and qualifications, just military experiences, are being appointed left right and centre into civil service roles. Fiji and its people are being shortchanged with this onslaught of military creep when much more experienced and academically qualified people have been overlooked, dismissed or run out of the civil service by the Bainimarama thug machine.