Monday, October 15, 2012

Rajen Chaudhry's Submission Hits out at Regime Nepotism and Attack on Fijian Institutions

In his submission to the Ghai Constitution Commission, Rajendra Chaudhry, pointed out among others, the rampant nepotism practiced by the Bainimarama regime and its attack on the various indigenous Fijian institutions. See below excerpt from his submission on this point.

Rajen Chaudhry
"175. The interim regime speaks of civil service appointments on merit yet the interim prime minister’s brother in law, Francis Kean, who was charged with murder and subsequently convicted of manslaughter, was made a permanent secretary when public service rules clearly prohibit persons with adverse criminal records from being appointed to the civil service. Why the exception here?

176. Further, the interim prime minister’s brother, Ratu Meli Bainimarama was reappointed to the civil service after reaching retirement age and appointed High Commissioner to Malaysia at a time when thousands of civil servants were being sent home having reached 55 years."

He also targeted the Judiciary as being subservient and subject to the whims of the current illegal regime, especially the illegal Attorney General. He referred to the petition by Justice Marshall to the military council and Bainimarama on the extent the courts are being controlled by the regime. Refer below:

 Interference with the Judiciary

144. In Fiji, numerous concerns have been raised by various quarters on the independence, functionality and appointments to the judiciary and I would have to say that some of these concerns are quite relevant. The recent petition to the interim Prime Minister and the Military Council by former Appeal Court President, Justice William Marshall is nothing short of extraordinary and confirms the interference in the judiciary by the interim Attorney General. Marshall J also looked at judicial politics and how it affected the ordinary person. Marshall J explained the role of the interim Attorney General in seeking to have him recused in the FICAC v Mau and Motibhai appeal by getting his driver to depose an affidavit which was false in the material facts. He also talks of numerous other issues that affect the Judiciary and of having trumped up charges against this submittee by a client.

Dictator Bainimarama must face the consequences of his Treasonous action

Rajendra also calls for those behind the 2006 coup and their supporters to face the full force of the law and Dictator Bainimarama must NOT BE A COWARD and to face the consequences of his actions. On these Rajen makes the following points:

" 187. Should such an act of usurpation, the criminal charge for which is treason, be subject to immunity? I am clearly of the view that there should be no immunity for Mr Bainimarama and Mr Aiyaz Khaiyum must be tried for aiding and abetting treason. In addition to this Nazhat Shameem must also be investigated and charged for her role in drafting decrees and accepting lucrative consultancies from the interim administration. It is time that the people of this country stood up to bullies and their public and intellectual advisers."

199. Mr Bainimarama must not act like a coward but stand up and submit himself to the same rule of law that he professes to uphold and let the process take its course."

Rajen is clearly relishing the opportunity provided at the hearing to lay bare for all to learn and hear of the dirty workings of the current illegal Bainimarama regime. It will be interesting to see Bainimarama's reaction, if any, to the submission given his sordid practice todate of attacking openly any submission he dislikes.

Good on Rajen for having the courage to face down the illegal Bainimarama regime and speak his mind on things many many people in Fiji would dearly love to say but perhaps could not!

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