Thursday, October 04, 2012

Proof of Escalating Crime in Tourist Areas in Fiji

Internal communication among authorities in Fiji confirm the dire situation of escalating crime in the tourist hub areas of Fiji - Nadi and coral Coast area where many resorts are located.

Information sent to this Blog from sources suggest the desperation, especially by tourism agency officials and police officers in coming to grips with the approach taken by offenders who have been terrorising tourist resorts in the areas. Robbers seemed to have targeted beach resorts, breaking in and stealing expensive items and personal belongings.

This Blog had previously reported on the story of a New Zealand tourist who was beaten in his room when robbers broke into his hotel. The victim has since been relocated to New Zealand suffering  injuries and stolen properties.

Even golf courses have been targeted as some  have reported damages to the greens and fairway. 

Read below email sent to major Fiji authorities that included PM's Office and Police Commissioner alerting them of the run a way crime boom in the key tourist areas!

"Dear All

Subject: Fwd: Security Alert for the West & Coral Coast Properties

Further to previous email, please find forwarded message by Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association in regards to alerts on a group of thief's that have been targeting hotel properties recently.

For the past 4 weeks the number of incidents in regards to missing items from our beach front accommodations reached a peak toll of which the Tourist police would agree to with recent cases of missing items report forwarded to them for investigations.

Summary of Incidents:
 - 05/09/12 - Missing $2400 USD - Beachfront Room
 - 09/09/12 - Missing Bag pack - Beachfront 
 - 13/09/12 - 2 x Reports of Missing I Phone - Beachfront Room
 - 14/09/12 - 2 x Reports of Missing Phones - Beach front Rooms
 - 15/09/12 - 2 x reports of Missing phone - lagoon Rooms
 - 16/09/12 - Missing I Phone & $150 USD - Lagoon Rooms

With the following unresolved issues continually stays unresolved: 
 - Unlicensed operators
 - uncontrolled loitering around the Beachfront
 - Illegal businesses at the beachfront 

The hotel is vulnerable to intrusion and losses.

Also attached Damages reports from the Golf Course that has been an on going issue.....this has led to many cancellations to pre - booking as it takes up to a couple of days/weeks to fix these damages.......a major dis- appointment to guest who looks forward to golfing."

Below is another email  from the Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association shedding light on the approach taken by the robbers operating around the targeted areas.

"The secretariat has received reports that a group of thieves have been targeting hotel properties in the Nadi area recently. The modus operandi is that the group of perhaps 3-4 persons works under cover of dark. They either cut or scale perimeter fences and attempt to break in by forcing open sliding doors. 

The secretariat therefore requests ALL Member Properties to reassess their security procedures. Check that perimeter fences are secure, security lights are working and the security and perimeter patrols are conducted on a regular basis. Members who may have information as to similar activity should contact the Police or the secretariat. 

Members need to be warned that as a result of one such intrusion - one person is undergoing medical treatment."

Yet despite having Police officers being on call 24/7, crime still thrives in the Nadi and Coral Coast tourist Areas! See story below.

Senior police officers available 24/7


Senior police officers in all stations around Nadi are now providing their contact details for the public at large to call if they cannot get through to any police station or post when trying to report a crime.

This is an effort to reduce the number of complaints.

The Nadi Police station was the first to do so after the Fiji Police Force had earlier published all its senior management’s phone contacts in the media. Station Officer in charge, Assistant Superintendent of Police Simione Bale said this was a way to curb the increasing number of complaints against police officers.

“I admit that there are a lot of complaints against the Service in the Nadi area, which is mainly because of poor service delivery, whereby police officers cannot be contacted on time or for feedbacks. There are times when we have fallen short of delivering to the standards of the organisation and members of the public,” ASP Bale said.

He said things would now change after senior police officers published their mobile numbers to help members of the public report a crime or suspicious activity.

Police Commissioner Brigadier – General Ioane Naivalurua said police officers, as professionals providing a service should be approachable, contactable and reachable at all hours of the day.

The mobile phone numbers are  -
• ASP Simione Bale – Officer in Charge Nadi – 9905599
• IP Apete Rokolui – Station officer Nadi – 9905436
• Sgt Abdul Roneel – Station Sergeant Nadi – 9904560
• Sgt Sanaila Rogora – Welfare Officer Nadi – 8726420
• IP Maciu Vava – Crime Officer Nadi – 9904267
• Sgt Mesake Varo – Traffic Officer Nadi – 9904767
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