Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Conniving Aussie ExPats Doing Regime's Dirty Bidding

This post below on Coup 4.5 has really blown the lid on the conniving actions of the 2 expat Aussies working closely with the Bainimarama regime in Fiji to discredit the SDL Party. How despicable is that!

Correspondence shows Smith-Johns and Davis working glove in hand

Smith Johns: Fronting regime's Fiji Independence celebrations
An email that clinches the modus operandi of  Aussie expats Sharon Smith-Johns, the regime mouthpiece, and Graham Davis, 'independent journalist'. The email has been printed as it was sent to us and because people are bound to ask, we can only say we have no reason at this stage to doubt its authenticity. It has come via a most reliable source. Bloggers will recall the controversial SDL submission was the regime's 'big story' recently and that Davis went all out to use it to try to discredit the country's biggest political party.
Graham Davis at Pina.pic David Robie.

Date: August 15, 2012 5:38:00 PM GMT+12:00
To: Graham Davis
Subject: SDL submission


Here is the link I promised you.

The speaker clearly says this is the SDL submission so you can really lay into them. He also comes across as a fuckwit and his partner looks like a shoe shine boy.

I showed it to the PM and I have not seen him laugh so much in ages. He believes this will really kill all credibility of the SDL and they are now dead.

I spoke to your colleagues at Qorvis and we believe we have got the right level of commentators on Grubsheet, we have pretty much shut down the dissenters, but let me know if you feel we need to get more debate going.

Let's meet up next week when you are over so we can have a few wines, that Shiraz you gave me last time was to die for.


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