Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brother's Tiff Against UK Places Family Mole in Fiji UK High Comm Office

Dictator's Brother Meli Bainimarama
Dictator Bainimarama's brother, Meli, has reportedly been feeling really pissed off with the UK government of late.

This personal tiff was brought on firstly following his refusal by the UK government to approve his appointment by his brother's illegal regime to be its UK High Commissioner. Not to be let down, and in keeping with the naked nepotism rampant in his brother's running of the civil service in Fiji, he was instead appointed to Malaysia in the same role.

No doubt being a trier and used to feeding on the largese of the State given his exalted new rank in Malaysia, he put in to attend the London Olympics in July thinking he could hoodwink the UK government with the work done by his brother back home in moving to elections in 2014. However he was again to be disappointed as he was refused a Visa.
So fumed with rage at such treatment, Meli has hit back at the head of the UK government. According to sources, he has directed that the Queen's Birthday Holiday be taken off the calendar from next year's holidays in Fiji. So watch out Fiji if there is one less holiday for next year and you know exactly who ordered it and why!

Francis Kean - convicted killer
Remember this is someone who was well over the retirement age as dictated by his brother but was still kept on as a civil servant! Together with the Dictator's brother in law, Francis Kean, a convicted killer now Permanent Secretary for Works, they were identified by Rajendra Chaudhry in his submission to the Ghai Constitutional Commission as examples of nepotism in the Fiji civil service under the Bainimarama regime.

It would now appear that the Bainimarama regime has come back with a vengence on the UK government as a result of all his brother's run in with them. 

It has been revealed to this Blog that within the Fiji High Commission in London, there is a new post created for an informer to Bainimarama. His name is Hansell Whippy, a relative of Bainimarama's wife, Mary. It would seem that he was just a driver in Parliament and has been posted to London recently to be Third Secretary. Like all other Bainimarama stooges foisted on to civil service roles, he is suitably unqualified and could barely draft a letter. His main job is to be a spy on all activities in the London Office.

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This latest saga only further confirms the blatant arrogance and naked greed of the Bainimarama family in thinking that appointments to civil service positions are their personal property to dispense with as they see fit.
Is it any wonder Bainimarama steadfastly refuses to publish the Government Accounts since his 2006 coup nor have the guts to even reveal to the tax payers of Fiji the salaries of his illegal ministers and who in fact pays them! 

Bainimarama's continuing refusal no doubt points out to all he has many things to hide and that he simply does not believe in conducting the affairs of government in an open, transparent and honest manner. If only he knows, that sooner or later, all will be revealed and that there is no running away as time catches up on everyone - even a Dictator like him.

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