Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kiwi Beaten in His Nadi Hotel Room As Crime Escalates in Fiji

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A New Zealand man is recovering in a Fiji hospital after intruders attacked him at his Nadi hotel. 

The NZ High Commission confirmed it was aware of the incident and was providing consular assistance to the victim. 

Intruders broke into the man's hotel room and beat him to the point he needed to be admitted to the intensive care unit at Lautoka Hospital, Radio NZ reported. 

Fiji police could not be reached for comment on Saturday evening. 

A Government official told Radio NZ several people had been arrested in relation to the incident. 


All this after a week of great drama surrounding the recapture of five escaped prisoners in Suva and a spate of robberies in the Nadi town area. It all points to the increasing level of criminal offending in Fiji's main urban centres putting at risk the attempt at revitalising the tourism industry.

However, the latest case involving a tourist to be assaulted in his room marks a significant escalation in criminal activity. 

If a tourist can be beaten up in his hotel room, how safe is anyone visiting the country?

Australian media has already raised questions about the reliability of medical safety for Fiji tourists following the death of one of its citizens while staying in a hotel in Nadi. The hotel was not able to provide or assist in obtaining medical assistance for the sick tourist despite assurance in its promotional literature.

Fiji authorities will no doubt be going out of their way to stamp out this criminal surge. But it is a sad commentary on the pervasive criminality culture in Fiji. If the country is being led by those who committed criminal acts in overthrowing the legitimate government, it is no wonder others are being emboldened to do likewise and especially when they see their rulers enjoying their ill-gotten gains and staying away from the clutches of the law.

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