Sunday, September 30, 2012

CMAG’s Conclusion on Human Rights Abuse And the Rule of Law in Fiji

CMAG held its 38th Meeting in New York this week and deliberated once again on Fiji. We welcome CMAG’s conclusion about the need for the military regime in Fiji to desist from further Human Rights Abuse and Breaches which has been well articulated internationally. Further, CMAG has accepted the apparent erosion of the rule of law in Fiji. The Marshall Petition on the Corruption within the Judiciary is therefore vindicated.
The CMAG’s official position remains;

“…the group welcomed the broad-based national dialogue on Fiji’s future taking place, and commended the Constitutional Commission on its work to date. But Ministers also expressed concern about remaining restrictions on human right s and the rule of law in Fiji. They urged the government to address these in order to create the environment needed for credible constitutional consultations and elections”.

CFDF reiterates that the present process lack credibility and transparency given the arbitrary control Bainimarama asserts over the constituent assembly. And, in particular, the immunity provision for coup perpetrators, beneficiaries and regime’s associates which all political parties, including the CCF, has rejected outright. Further, the tainted Attorney General’s control over the office of the elections supervisor is indeed unacceptable negating any credibility, the Yash Ghai Commission currently enjoys.

In joining CCF and SDL/FLP/NFP/UGP submission to the Pacific Forum, we support the appointment of a caretaker civilian government replacing the Military led regime. In order to create an environment conducive for free, fair and credible elections, military must withdraw from the executive and civil service to allow a civilian administration to manage the transition to constitutional government within the next 22 months if not earlier.

Like the CMAG, the Pacific Forum has reiterated that Elections must not only be held but
it has to be free and fair and be internationally acceptable. The present process is not even remotely close to the specific international expectation. No amount of propaganda can change the fact that the CMAG, Pacific Forum and the EU would be measuring any Elections against these standards and not on the basis of the self-imposed propulsions of one Aiyaz Khaiyum.

 Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji
30h September 2012

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