Monday, August 06, 2012

SDL Party Says Retain 1997 Constitution with Changes

As well, the SDL Party also wants Fiji to be declared a Christian State, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

While making its submission to the Constitutional Commission, SDL said they want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”.

SDL also proposes that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship.

Speaking to the Professor Yash Ghai led commission, the SDL officials say that the party wants the term “sexual orientation” to be removed from the Bill of Rights of the 1997 constitution.

In that section it states that a person must not be unfairly discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the ground of his or her sexual orientation.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

The party said the GCC should be established under the constitution and a GCC Act should clearly set out their roles and functions.
Furthermore SDL said the multi party cabinet provisions should be removed and the principle of winner takes all should be adopted.

The party also said that clear provisions should be set out on the roles and functions of the RFMF without any ambiguity.

SDL also stated in its submission that the 1997 constitution should be retained but some important changes should be made.

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 "..the 1997 constitution should be retained but some important changes should be made."

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