Saturday, August 11, 2012

SDL Party Has Yet To Complete its Submission to the Constitutional Commission

"The SDL wishes to state categorically that it has not as yet finished preparing its submission to the Constitutional Commission."


The Vijay Narayan penned article in the Fiji Village Website, alleging elements of a submission made by the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua Party to the Constitutional Commission is unfounded, false and mischievous.

It is a clear figment of his imagination written perhaps with the clear intent of painting an evil image and portrait of the SDL to ferment racial discord.

The SDL wishes to state categorically that it has not as yet finished preparing its submission to the Constitutional Commission. The views expressed and quoted by Vijay last Friday August 3 are those of SDL supporters. Party President Mr. Solomone Naivalu was at the opening of the public submissions to view and observe how the Commission received submissions.To link his name with the submissions made and assume that the submissions were those of the SDL Party is erroneous and mischievous.

The SDL Party further declares that its representatives have not appeared before Professor Yash Ghai and the Constitution Commission and therefore made no submission whatsoever.

Further the SDL is still consulting with its allies the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party before finalizing its submission to the Constitution Commission.

The SDL categorically denies that it has decided on any of the policies cited by Mr. Narayan in his article. Discussions within the SDL Executives are still ongoing with Branch Heads consultations, before  a final submission is made.

The SDL has said time and time again, and it is a matter of public record, that it wants the retention of the 1997 Constitution, which  was the subject of nationwide consultations with all communities in Fiji. Furthermore , it was debated by an  elected Parliament representing all the people of Fiji and was approved unanimously by members of both Houses of Parliament.

The 1997 Constitution, in Chapter Two, contains a Compact which provided inter alia that the “rights of all individuals, communities and groups are fully respected.” The SDL espouses a policy of PEACE national unity, multiracialism, national economic and social development and a better life for all the people of Fiji, regardless of race, colour or religion.

Solomone Naivalu, National President, SDL Party
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