Friday, August 03, 2012

Regime Opponents Continue to be Harrassed in Fiji

Mere Samisoni

New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams QC, says the Fiji interim regime is harassing his elderly client, Mere Samisoni.

 Radio NZ International News

NZ lawyer accuses Fiji police of harassing Samisoni

The 74-year Fiji businesswoman and former politician is on bail on a charge of trying to overthrow the government after being charged early this year.

Mr Williams, who is in Auckland, says he got a call from Ms Samisoni today after she had been stopped and arrested by police while driving her car in Suva.

He says he asked the policeman making the arrest why he had done it:

“There is no reason he said, I know it is illegal. I said well why are you taking her to the police station. He said he had been told to by his superior. I said well that is wrong, she has done nothing, she’s 74 years of age, she’s on bail, she complies with her bail, she’s done nothing wrong, she is a woman of good reputation. This is just harassment, absolute harassment. He said I know that. I have got to carry out my orders.”
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