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Fiji Union Leader Confirms Naming Fiji Dictator in Complaint to Police

Felix Anthony

 Hence it was pointless to lay a complaint at the time.

Let us see how the Police and the justice system treat this complaint among similar others, now that the regime is attempting a semblance of legitimacy following closely on the politically motivated prosecution and jailing of Fiji's legal PM, Laisenia Qarase.

Fiji unionist confirms naming regime leader in police complaint

Fiji Trades Union Congress leader Felix Anthony has rejected the interim government’s claim that he did not file a complaint with police against the leader of the Fiji regime.

The Permanent Secretary of Information, Sharon Smith-Johns, says Mr Anthony has reported some members of the military but neither the Prime Minister nor the Fijian government was included in the complaint.

Mr Anthony says he detailed last month to the Lautoka Police threats and assaults against him by military officers in February last year.

He says he was punched and kicked by at least five soldiers, leaving him with a damaged eardrum and bruising that needed medical care.

He said he finally made the report after eighteen months after being urged to do so by authorities.

“The nature of the complaint was that I was assaulted by some military officers. The second part of the complaint was that the threat was made by the Prime Minister to me and my colleague. I actually named the Prime Minister and I quoted what he had actually said.”

Mr Anthony says he was given a case number and medical forms to fill in.

He said he was told police will start investigating and they would keep him informed.

Police have now declined to comment.

In April, the military denied the allegations, with its spokesman saying if the complainants can give proof of an assault, it should be to the police.

The Information Ministry said at the time it couldn’t make any comments regarding the military. 

See below the story by the illegal Fiji Regime refuting Anthony's version! 
 Ministry of Information
Aug 07|09:12 am

Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns says there is no police report on Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama or the Fijian Government.

Ms Smith-Johns was responding to a recent report in the international media that “Fiji Trades Union Congress leader Felix Anthony reported the Fijian Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama to the Fiji Police” .

“These reports are inaccurate and mischievous with the aim of promoting personal agendas,” Ms Smith-Johns said.

“Mr Anthony had filed a complaint against some members of the military and not against Prime Minister Bainimarama or the  Fijian Government.”

Ms Smith-Johns said the allegations by Mr Anthony were reported following the Prime Minister’s visit to the Rarawai Sugar Mill last year.

“This alleged case dates back to February, 2011,” she said.

“And it begs the question, why has it taken Anthony 18 months to file a Police report?

“This is just another veiled attempt to take cheap shots at the RFMF.

“The delay in investigations are on the part of Mr Anthony because he has been deferring the submission of his statement.

“Until there is a full investigation into the matter these are simply allegations. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this incident occurred and therefore, it should be left in the hands of the Fiji police to investigate.

“It is also, therefore, premature and absolutely mischievous for the  media to report on the incident without getting the facts. I expect Radio New  Zealand International to issue a correction.”

Despite claims by the Fiji regime to the contrary, (see report below) the truth remains that the Fiji Dictator has been named in an assault and physical abuse complaint to the Fiji Police by the union leader Felix Anthony. Readers will recall last year that Dictator Bainimarama had met a group of union members over calls on cane farmers not to take part in exiting the industry and co-operating with the regime to resucsitate the ailing industry. It was alleged that during that meeting, Bainimarama, together with his security officers, had abused and assaulted union officials that included Anthony.

At the time, the military and no doubt, Bainimarama, felt they were above the law and not subject to it.
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