Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bainimarama Continues Attack on Public Submissions - Beddoes this Time

FBC News
Dictator Bainimarama
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has taken a swipe at submissions made to the Constitution Commission by UPP Leader Mick Beddoes, saying it was for his own interest.
In his submission Beddoes outlines a number of issues, including the name of the country to be changed to Fiji Islands and that citizens be known as Fiji Islanders.

The Prime Minister says Mick Beddoes is confused, saying the actions of the former opposition leader is nothing less than grandstanding.

“Somehow Mick Beddoes can’t figure out where he is coming from seriously. And the same goes for other Political parties that have come out with their submissions. People of Fiji …and I speak on their behalf, really don’t know how to convince these type of people that this is the right path forward for us.”

In his submissions, Beddoes also calls for the re-establishment and strengthening of the GCC, and that it is given constitutional responsibilities and complete independence from the government, among others.

The Prime Minister believes this is no different from the submissions made by Beddoes political partners, who he says are only driving their personal agenda and the agenda of their political parties, without thinking of the future of all Fijians.

“Whatever you come out with in your submissions should be for the good of the people of Fiji and not for yourselves. I mean look at what he’s come out with? It’s not different from what has been mentioned by the SDL. It’s very self-serving.”

Bainimarama is calling on all political parties and the public to focus on the future and not get influenced by the work of old politicians who continue to remain in the past.
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