Sunday, July 01, 2012

Corrupt Naivalurua Plants Future Son-in-Law in Spying Job

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 Police chief hires future son-in-law to help spy on Fiji citizens 

Fiji's Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, has recruited his soon to be son-in-law to work in the National Intelligence Bureau to profile citizens with known anti-government feelings.

Josh Matau, who is engaged to Naivalurua's daughter, Nowa, started as a Research Officer in the Bureau on Monday.

One of the key job descriptions of current NIB officers is to spy on Fiji citizens known to have anti-government feelings.

Josh Matau and Nowa Naivalurua
In his new role, Matau, who recently returned to Fiji after studying at the University of New South Wales,
will be required to profile these citizens and maintain updated files on them.

An insider says: "Matau will be tasked with keeping information on these people right at his fingertips."

Naivalurua has already been criticised for allowing his wife, Kesa, to be involved in police and Fiji Corrections Service business. 

A former FCS deputy commissioner has also publicly stated he thinks Naivalurua is a corrupt opportunist and  others have accused him of taking backhanders from Chinese nationals and being caught up in a drug ring.

Information obtained by Coupfourpointfive now shows that at a time when the Fiji Police Force is strapped for cash and officers are revolting over wages and conditions, Naivalurua ordered his HR Director to find a job to match his son-in-law's academic qualification.

Matau, who will report directly to the Director of National Intelligence Bureau, has a salary of $19,000.
The NIB role is the second job Naivalurua has created for his daughter's partner. When he was Commissioner of Prisons, he organised for Matau to be an assistant media officer for the Prisons Department.
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