Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Military Personnell Charged for Rape Reflecting New Culture

 Sai's Comments:
  • When you have your leaders who have seized power illegally and continue to make laws through illegal means, it is only to be expected that your underlings will mirror your behaviour believing they can willfully defy the law. That is precisely what we now have as a culture within the Fiji military. Below is the second case in a week of a military officer being charged of a criminal act. 
  • While the act in itself is worrying enough, what is of great concern is the attitude now prevalent even with junior military officers that they can take the law into their hands and with impunity. They exude and no doubt want to exploit the power they believe they have just like their leaders. Dictator Bainimarama and the loud mouthed Tikoitoga will of course try to distance themselves from the offending in their quest to pretend they're allowing the authorities to properly investigate and prosecute the offenders. However, we all know their real motivation is about showing outsiders they can pretend to respect the law when the focus is on them, especially given the beginning of forcing a new constitution on the people of Fiji. 
  • Cast your mind back to the setting free of`military officers who were convicted of various murders and other offences. What was different then? At the time the military was not interested in what outsiders think so they can go ahead and break the law with impunity. All they were interested in was putting down any opposition to their illegal takeover of the government and keeping a spirit of solidarity among the soldiers. Things have since changed. Now is about engineering a semblance of legality to your illegal rule.  Why else would you pay top dollars now to have QORVIS handling your PR to attempt a civilised return to democratic governance? 
  • Expect more attempt by the military leadership to sacrifice unruly officers. They need to show all is legitimate as work intensifies to curry favour with the international community. The consequences for military underlings is there for them to see. Any law breaking will be showcased and held out that the dictatorship is acting within the law. Disgruntled officers and those wishing to jump ship, now is also the time to do so. As well, keep good record of any law breaking you know of, especially by your seniors for when they will get prosecuted eventually for treason and related offences. Remember, to your seniors, you are mere sacrificial lambs in their greedy quest to feign legitimacy in their illegal rule.
  • Let us NOT BE FOOLED by the pretense. Afterall the Bainimarama dictatorship is an illegal creation and remains so up to now according to a legitimate decision of a Fiji court of law. Nothing will ever change this fact.

FBC News

Unruly and badly led Fiji military leadership pretending legitimacy

A 26 year-old army officer appeared at the Nasinu Magistrate Court this morning charged with rape.

His plea has been deferred to allow his lawyer Aseri Vakaloloma to go through the disclosures. The man has been bailed for $2,000 with surety.

The case has been transferred to the High Court due to the seriousness of the case and will be called next Monday.

It is alleged the officer raped a 15 year-old girl between January and July last year. The incident came to light when the victim was absent from school and when questioned by teachers – she relayed the incidents.
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