Monday, June 11, 2012

Shortwave Radio Carries Pro Democracy Message to Fiji

Australia Network News
Tui Savu - Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement
Fiji listeners can tune in to FDFM Radio SW11.565MHz "Na Domo i Viti - Kacivaka na Dina". 

The broadcast covers the whole of the Fiji group from the islands in the Lau Group, Lomaiviti Group, Kadavu, Yasawa Group and right through to the interiors of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The Australia-based Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement is now broadcasting its own radio program into Fiji.

The Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement in Australia has leased half an hour a week on the World Radio Network, a shortwave broadcaster, to get its anti-government message across.

Tui Savu, from the Australia-based Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement told Pacific Beat that they have received positive feedback about the new program's impact.

"We have had two test broadcasts and we have had our contacts report from all over Fiji. The contacts are coming back that it is being received loud and clear," he said.

"Fijians, the way they have been raised, is that whatever comes through the media, they take it as gospel. So we are wanting to show an alternative, the other side."

"The reason why we went for the radio is because the internet is only limited. This is a heart and mind campaign, directed at Fijians staying in the villages and rural areas. These are the people whose only source of information is through the radio."

At present the program is for just 30 minutes broadcast only in Fijian. But Mr Savo says there are plans to eventually increase the program to one hour and address different groups within Fiji.

"Information is power, and that is why the Government has monopolised the media in Fiji, both the print and the spoken media," he said.

" They know very well that if people start listening to the truth and to the other versions of what is truly happening in Fiji, then the people will be able to make up their own decisions."

The broadcast is every Monday.

For more info on the Radio Station FDFM Radio: “Na Domo i Viti-Kacivaka na Dina”  go to:

Other notes:

0830-0900      11565      FDFM Radio: Na Domo i Viti-Kacivaka na Dina
Transmitter site: Cyprus Creek, SC USA
Broadcasting to Fiji
Representatives of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement said they broadcasts FDFM Radio via their programs that air on Mondays from 2030 to 2100 Fiji FJT time which is -12 to GMT so that would be 0830 to 0900 GMT.  They stated that they began their broadcasts on June 4, 2012 and confirmed that the program is being transmitted from Palau. Their stated vision is the restoration of a Democratic and Free Fiji under the 1997 Constitution. Their stated mission is to campaign for the reversal of the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji Islands; to grow an international movement that will campaign strongly for the Restoration of Democracy in Fiji; to lobby their home governments and their multilateral partners to pressure Fiji via diplomatic, economic and other means for the restoration of Democracy as outlined by the Fiji Court of Appeal in the Case of Qarase and Others v Bainimarama and Others (FCA) 2009; and to be the voice of the voiceless people of Fiji and tell the story of our predicament to the whole world. They indicated that they do verify reception reports by QSL card for reports sent to the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement at 43 Margaret Street, Clayton 3168 Victoria, Australia or by email to

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