Thursday, June 07, 2012

Illegal AG's Vote Rigging Ploy

Sai's Comments
The blatant hypocrisy of the illegal AG on this subject is matched only by the lies that constantly flows from his mouth. As a lawyer one would think he would attest some real evidence to his claims of fraud etc..No not him, which only affirms his shabby treatment of government procedures and his widely acknowledged lack of integrity. 

The 2006 Elections was one of the most Observed elections given: 
  •  there were 121 observers (up from 55 in 2001) accredited by the Fiji Elections Office.
  • at a cost of $4.7m FJD, one tenth the total Election budget of $48m FJD.
The broad concerns of the observer mission reports merely relate to:
  • inadequacies in registration;
  • ballot printing and distribution; 
  • identification of polling stations;
  • the high number of invalid votes; and
  • the handling of postal and overseas votes.
But all were not in any way sufficient to invalidate the result of the Elections as NO evidence of FRAUD were identified. They were procedural, processes and systems failures. These were the facts and NO attempt of false claims by anyone will refute these. So much for the ludicrous and unjustified claims of Vote Rigging by Chaudhry and Dictator Bainimarama. It must be all in their imagination!


    Assertions of vote-rigging and election fraud in the 2006 general elections have become a favourite ploy of the Attorney General, Mr. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, as the country moves towards the 2014 elections.

    This statement was issued by Mr. Laisenia Qarase today, Leader of the SDL Party.

    The fact is that Fiji does not have a tradition or record of cheating at the polls. No substantive evidence was produced after the elections in May, 2006.

    Mr. Qarase said that the 2006 poll was the most scrutinized in Fiji’s political history. A large number of international, regional and local observer groups carefully studied every aspect of it. They all declared that the elections were free and fair, although acknowledging that there was room for improvement in some of the organisational procedures.

    Mr. Qarase said that of the 71 seats contested in 2006, legal action to challenge results was brought only in two constituencies. One was dismissed by the courts, while the other was withdrawn.

    Mr. Qarase said, however, that the organisation of the 2014 elections so far leaves a lot to be desired. For example, the apparent control of the constitution- making and election processes by the Attorney General is a matter of great concern to many people. The marginalization of the independent office of the Supervisor of Elections in the initial election processes is also an important issue to be addressed.

    Mr. Qarase said that it is not too late to correct these obvious anomalies. If this is not done then the outcome of the 2014 elections is likely to be less than free and fair.
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