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Fiji Beware of 666 Coming with National ID card by Illegal Bainimarama Regime

  The chip can be  used to track nearly anything. Due to its small  size
 it can be  embedded into or attached to nearly any  item.
 (Including that  office pen you stole last  week)
  All your  personal details etc will be stored on "secure" internet  data bases.
 The chip will  only (or so they say) contain your unique 16 digit ID  number.
  The chip is  scanned and your Radio Frequency ID can be used to do  your
 banking,  shopping, start your car, unlock your front door, time clock  you at
 work, admit you  to the cinema, pay for dinner at the restaurant, let you  into
 a public toilet  etc etc etc.
  You will not  carry money for anything and therefore cannot be mugged  for
 your money. You  can be quickly found if kidnapped (like your cars  tracker)
 Giving you  complete control over your life.....????....or so you  think.....
  Actually you  will be handing over control of your  life....
 If you step out  of line or do something the law dont like you doing, your  chip
 can be limited  or even deactivated. This means someone else has control  over
 your life. For  example: You can be stopped from accessing your own house,  
 starting your  car, paying for your groceries or anything else, prevented  from
 entering public  shopping malls, banks, hospitals etc etc.  
 Your movements  can be tracked and your whole life can be controled by  the
  Everything you  buy or spend money on will be recorded in the data  base.
 Everywhere you  go will be recorded in the data base. Big Brother will  be
 recording your  every move....and if theres a CCTV camera  around...then
 Big Brother can  literally see what you are  doing....
  By accepting the  RFID chip you will become part of the population who  are
 controlled by  the Police State  Government.
  If you value  what little freedom you have....DO NOT TAKE THE  CHIP....
  The  bible warns us against this∑ Do not take this  lightly

Remember this? 

Beware the Devil in the Form of a National ID Card for all Fiji Citizens!

National ID card proposal made to Illegal Fiji PM
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Taken from / By: Google
A proposal for the implementation of a compulsory National Identity Card was made to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at a meeting in Nadi on Friday.

Ministry of Defence and National Security Senior Official Joji Washington told Bainimarama - the National ID card would strengthen the work of law enforcement, immigration, customs, bio security, border police, AFL security, airline security, port security and outsourced security personnel.

Washington said the prototype national ID will contain a micro chip containing personal bio data, picture, fingerprint, passport system, ID number, and barcodes for TIN and LTA watch list verification.

He says the card is a primary form of national security.

The card, which is to be issued by the Ministry, will enhance passenger profiling clearance, detection of illicit activities’, assist in police investigations, and facilitate public service output
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends, Check this out. It was predicted, It has been written, It is now in silently working in this world.

Please  all, we cannot pray against this chip 666 because  the Bible predicted it will come and  now it is here.  Let's  pray that our loved ones, friends and work colleagues do not fall from eternal glory with Jesus Christ by planting this chip into their bodies.
Please circulate and pass on to all you know (leave no one out) so you may not be answerable if your friends do not make it to HEAVEN…GOD BLESS!!!

    H ere is the  chip:   666  ∑∑...

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