Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dictator Bainimarama off to China for Treatment for his Ailing Health

Sick Fiji Dictator off to China for Treatment

The Regime is using a Trade Symposium as the excuse for the illegal Fiji PM is taking a visit to China tomorrow!

As has been reported recently on this Blog, the Dictator has been bedridden and seriously sick and not been seen at work or be it only fleetingly.

And we all speculated that a TRIP to CHINA will soon be concocted as an Excuse for him to receive treatment from his Chinese mates. Now that has come to pass with the announcement posted in Fiji Live News that Baininmarama is to attend a Trade symposium and an International Consumer fair where else, but CHINA.

What a bunch of lies by the regime! And we all know about it too!

It is so sad that the health of someone supposedly leading a nation is subject to such clandestine treatment. It just goes to show the fear the regime has if the dictator's life is put in peril by an illness. We all know the regime's grip on power hangs tentatively on the grave health of its illegal leader. Therefor they will go to extreme length just to hide the real truth about it. Even to the point of lying about it and making up a totally false story of his attending a Trade symposium.

That is just the true nature of the illegal regime running Fiji at the moment. They will lie just to hang on to power and conduct itself under false pretenses as it has no mandate from the people of Fiji for its illegitimate rule.

Mild Stroke 

It is rumored Bainimarama had a mild stroke that has affected his speech and his left leg is very weak. He has not made any speech for the last week whilst in bed. So how can he attend a symposium when you are that sick? Why are his people hiding his illness?

Officers Refuse to Join Bainimarama Party

Colonel Mason Smith has resigned as PS for Agriculture and it has been accepted by the Chairman of the PSC. Sometimes last month sources at QEB revealed that Dictator Bainimarama was talking to Officers about the election and telling them to stand with him. 

Two Officers made it known that they are reluctant to stand for the Election namely:
  • Brigadier Iowane NAIVALURUA; and 
  • Colonel Mason SMITH.
Let us wait and see who else of the military officers now illegally holding civil service posts well beyond their qualifications and competence, will join the Dictator in his quest to extend his repressive hold on power over the people of Fiji!
It may not be long to see some illegal Ministers also resigning before the illegal regime falls over as their leader's health worsens.

Time to Remove Bainimarama is Now

For rational and patriotic Fijian soldiers now left in the Fiji Military, NOW is the time to Remove the Dictator from Power and his illegal regime and return Fiji to democratic rule. 

The roadmap to follow is as set out in the 2009 Court of Appeal Ruling. Whoever has the intestinal fortitude and courage to carry out such an act will have the legal protection of the law in removing an illegal regime from power. More importantly, they will have the eternal gratitude of all Fijians and the support of the international community and Fiji's friends among the community of civilised nations. 

Like a cancerous growth on the nation of Fiji, Bainimarama's illegal regime needs to be removed instantly before it spreads to infect the whole Fiji society for decades to come. It is therefore the responsibility of all those with the means and opportunity to do just that.

Fiji Live News is reporting that Fiji Dictator Bainimarama is soon to leave for China!

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Anonymous said...

someone should go to nadi airport and take a photo of the dictator boarding the plane.