Friday, May 11, 2012

Torturer Qilio Proposed for UN Posting in Syria & Military Council member Kicks the Bucket

Torturer Qilio
Latest News from Fiji source...
"No one left last week. All the Officers are still here awaiting  clearance from NY HQ. Strong lobby form NGOs,Women's Right and Political Parties here to UN HQ NY and US Embassy  here in Fiji to withdraw the invite extended to Fiji Govt for the participation of Fiji Officers in Syria in view of the 2006 Coup and the Militarization of Fiji Govt etc. I hear from a Soldier from my village in Camp that Col Qiliho is outraged at the decision to exclude him. The whole lot might not go. US Pays 3/4 of the total PKO Budget. The problem I hear is that Syria is objecting to some countries nominated by UN. I know this could happen countries like US, UK, France etc."

 Earlier update on Torturer Qilio from Fiji Sources:
  • This is to inform you that Colonel Qiliho has been taken off the List of Officers for UN Mission in Syria as a result of lobby from Human Rights etc.
  • As you know this Officer was very much involved in 2006 for the torturing  of civilians taken to QEB, the burning of Justice Connors House in Pacific Harbor etc..etc.etc..
  •  I heard he will never be considered for any UN Mission in future.
Well deserved for such a human rights abuser!

Earlier Story:
The military officer known to be responsible for the torture and brutal treatment of civilians, Lt Col Sitiveni Qilio, has been proposed to the UN to lead a 8 man delegation of military officers for posting in Syria as part of the UN team.

This cannot be allowed to happen given the despicable and disgraceful conduct of this torturer who is known to:
  • casually carry around a pistol around his hip to intimidate people;
  • be responsible for torturing civilians brought to the QEB military camp in Suva;
  • have threatened and abused Russel Hunter, Editor Fiji Times, before his deportation from Fiji;
  • have led the burning of Judge Connors house in Pacific Harbour; and
  • be responsible for torturing Dr Brij Lal at his home before taking him to QEB for further
If not enough, Qilio was also returned to Fiji in  disgrace when he impregnated a Woman Officer whilst serving in Sinai with the UN.

With such tarnished and deplorable human rights record, how on earth can he be earmarked to lead a group of RFMF Officers for the UN Mission in Syria? Every effort must be made to prevent this human rights abuser and torturer from making this UN mission.  

This type of behaviour and abuse of Human Rights should not be tolerated by the UN body.

We are all requested to lobby the UN and especially the Human Rights Commission to alert them of this brutal thug. 

In the meantime, members of Dictator Bainimarama's  Military Council continue to leave this world. A Senior Army Officer, Col Tawakedrau was buried the other day. Another, Col Paul Manueli is bedridden and next to go.

Read below the story about the Fiji military delegation for the UN mission in Syria.

Fiji Times News

Fiji’s participation in Syria for the United Nations monitoring team has been put on hold while discussions continue.

This was confirmed by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga. He said they were still negotiating with the United Nations and declined to elaborate. Colonel Tikoitoga said the invitation remained as it was from the UN.

The UN, he said, wanted eight officers and the Prime Minister and Commander of the RFMF had approved the names of:
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Qilio (team leader)
  • Lieutenant Commander Marika Vosawale
  • Captain Netani Damuni
  • Captain Elia Rokowailoa
  • Captain Viliame Draunibaka
  • Captain Ieli and 
  • Captain Camaitoga Nariva.
Their names are with the UN, he said.

Meanwhile AFP has reported that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned the Syrian government and opposition on Wednesday that there is only a “brief window” to avoid civil war as he condemned a bomb attack on a UN observer convoy. The UN secretary-general indicated the attack could cast doubt on the future of the controversial ceasefire monitoring mission.

The roadside blast at a military checkpoint near the city of Daraa injured six Syrian troops escorting UN observers, according to a UN statement. None of the observers, including the mission leader Major-General Robert Mood, were hurt.

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