Saturday, May 26, 2012

Colonels Tikoitoga and Suliano in Punch Up at Military Camp

Qiliho - stood down and on leave
Fiji sources reported that owing to pressure building in camp, a number of explosive developments took place during the week.

Torturer Colonel Qiliho has been relieved from his appointment as Commanding Officer LSU, and sent on leave pending investigation over his conduct with the woman he impregnated when serving in Sinai as Commanding Officer. The young female Officer bore him a child.
Punchy Suliano

Punchy Tikoitoga
Not to be outdone, bloated spokesperson and Land Forces Commander Colonel Tikoitoga and Chief of Staff Operations Colonel Suliano had a fist fight following an argument at the Officers Mess where they were drinking. Fighting among officers is a very serious Military offence.

Sick in bed Commander
All this chaos at the camp is taking place while their overlord, the illegal PM and sick Commander, Bainimarama, has been bedridden. In fact, it is reported they don't even know at the camp that their Commander has been sick for the past week. No doubt even Bainimarama himself would not like his men to know he is sick and unable to perform his duties. All this of course means the illegal AG and bomb maker, Khaiyum, can act as PM and supremo even over the military without Tikoitoga, Suliano or Qiliho being able to do anything about it.

While Khaiyum may well be running the government today, source say he is getting uncomfortable and that he might leave Fiji with his family well before 2014 or if something happens to his sick puppet boss.

My advice to Fijian soldiers:
  •  keep an eye on Bainimarama supporters in the judiciary and those with overseas residency and citizenships. As 2014 draws near or if Bainimarama's health worsens, they will begin preparations to flee Fiji. Note Justice Daniel Gounder has already begun this process and others like Khaiyum will soon follow. Do you know of others? if so, mark them and watch their actions.
  •  Bainimarama will need to sacrifice some of you into the arms of the law sooner or later to take the blame for his treasonous crime. He will need to do this to keep some semblance of feigned commitment and pretense to outsiders and the international community or UN Human Rights body in his desperate attempt for legitimacy, especially if he wants to continue in some leadership role post 2014. You all know Bainimarama's record in blackmailing and sacrificing his own men to save his own skin. Remember those CRW boys in Parliament in 2000 waiting on his next orders then turning around to engineer their murder during the mutiny! 
  • to ensure you receive due consideration following a return to democratic rule, move now and make plans to remove your commander and work together to return Fiji to democratic rule. Otherwise, you may well be one of those designated by Bainimarama to take the hit for him and forever carry the stigma and black mark as carrying out his evil deeds. But if you choose to act now against the regime that is now terrorising Fiji and its future prospects, your names will be talked about well after Bainimarama's has been rooted out of the memories of every Fijian. Surely, that is something well worth striving for as a Fijian soldier.

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