Sunday, May 06, 2012

Police Commissioner in a Drug Smuggling Scheme

Coup 4.5 has posted a story below involving Fiji's Police Commissioner in a drug smuggling scheme. If true, it again goes to show how corrupt the illegal regime and its military stooges now illegally inhabiting key civil service posts in Fiji. It is clear example of the very corrupt nature of the regime led by the Dictator Bainimarama himself.

Naivalurua's achievement is equally abysmal. Just refer to the article below in Fiji Village. Like his Dictator boss, the sooner they return to the barracks the better it will be for Fiji and its people. I for one just can't wait for that to happen!

6 May 2012

Letter implicates Fiji police commissioner in international drug racket

A letter from a police officer to the illegal prime minister accuses the police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, of aiding and abetting Trans-border drug smuggling from China to Fiji and New Zealand.

In the letter titled Re: Disclosure of Extracts for Abuse of Power and Office by Commissioner of Police, the unnamed officer says the consignment of cocaine and narcotics was brought into Fiji on January 12 under Naivalurua's name and cleared by border police without checking.

Police commissioner deputies Henry Brown and Isikeli Ligairi (or Sekeli Lageri is he named in the letter) are accused alongside Naivalurua.

In the letter dated April16, the unnamed officer says the drugs were delivered to Fiji's well-known drug lord, Setoki Cei Turaga in Toorak, Suva. He says Turaga was subsequently placed under surveillance and that mobile phone conversations between Turaga, Naivalurua, Brown and Lageri were recorded by the drugs unit intelligence team.

The officer says he has been in the Fiji police force 12 years and he fears victimisation. He signs himself only as 'Honest Police Officer.'

Readers may recall a leaked report last year from Fiji National Intelligence Bureau about a drug sting on February 2011 that revealed a deputy police commissioner was involved in unexplained dealings with Turaga. (Coupfourpointfive March 11, 2011: Police sting: drugs and drunk police official)

In that report, an unnamed deputy police commissioner was found using an official vehicle after hours; the police car was seen parked outside the Deep Sea Night Club from 9pm to 2am in the morning and the DCP seen 'drunk and in heavy conversation with one Mr. Setoki Cei Turaga, suspected drug peddler and distributor' inside the club.

It was revealed in the same report that Setoki Cei Turaga had been officially charged and been under NIB surveillance for the 2010 drug bust at Toorak worth more than FJD1 million dollars - a case which had also allegedly implicated the former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti.

The name of the officer was not disclosed in that report but the April 16 letter from the Honest Police Officer to Bainimarama names that DCP as Sekeli Lageri.

The letter goes on to tell Bainimarama, though, that someone in NIB tipped Naivaurua off and he has since issued all drug unit officers to cease investigations. Naivalurura is also accused of demoting the investigating officer, Rajeshni Mala.

Mala was the officer who initially busted Lageri for associating with Turaga at Deep Sea Night Club last year.

The officer urges Bainimarama to 'clean up the Fiji police force' saying Naivalurua is abusing the wide powers given to him under the POA decree and that he is also jeopardising national security and putting Fiji's image at risk with its international trade partners.

The letter encourages Bainimarama to bring in the officers involved, including Naivalurura, saying 'I have faith in you to clean up the Fiji Police Force.'

Fiji police and customs have been waging war with drug racketeers in recent years with Nadi International a popular destination for drugs destined for New Zealand and Australia, or coming in to the country.

In 2010, authorities also busted a drug ring involving several foreign nationals  handling narcotics at an estimated value of $28FJD million (NZ19.8 million dollars) with police saying they had also confiscated a large amount of white powder believed to be raw material for a drug product and allegedly originated from China.

Weeks before, border protection agents at Nadi International Airport had also seized close to 15,000 pills of Contact NT - used to manufacture crystal methamphetamine. 

In August last year, Custom officers found a large consignment of marijuana or Indian hemp at Nadi. It had come in from New Zealand.

An insider says a senior official in Bainimarama's office knew about the drug ring allegedly involving Naivalurua, Brown and Lageri but did not tell him about it. 

Bainimarama has been away in India and Manila but returned late this week. Sources say the letter exposing the January drug consignment and implicating Fiji's top police officers has been on his desk waiting for him.

The letter has also been sent to the Minister of Defence
Minister, Joketani Cokanasiga.

Page one of the letter 

Page two of the letter


Croz Walsh said...

And what does it tell you, Sai, if it's untrue?

Sai Lealea said...

Todate, I know of no response from the illegal regime to comment on this and previous stories let alone on the letters written by Police officers themselves complaining about the conduct of the illegal Police Commissioner and his senior team. And I would not be bothered listening to the regime mouthpiece such as Sharon Smith Johns who will only deny anything just to make the regime look good.

Those of us who know of the Fiji Police and its previous reputation, can understand how standards have dropped significantly since the military coup and following the takeover of its leadership by military people such as Naivalurua.

Despite enforced changes, morale and standards have continued to drop and will continue to worsen until the Fiji Police reclaims itself from the illegal clutches of the current regime. That is my take Croz.